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How To Dance Ballet

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Ballet Alba

Founded in 1991, the Ballet Alba birth from the union of experimented and talented artists who put together all their knowledge in terms of dance, choreography, drama, music and song in order to serve the flamenco expression.

Enriched by its experience, the Ballet Alba has performed in many stages in Paris as well in cafés-théâtres as “Les Divans du Monde”, the “New Morning”, “La Chapelle des Lombards” as in prestigious stages like the “Palais des Congrès”, the “Théâtre Maubel-Michel Galabru”, the “Théâtre 18”.

Well-known artists as Manitas de Plata, El Chato, Serge Lama et Paco Ibáñez have invited the Ballet Alba to perform at their firsts parts in their shows.

The ballet has also traveled trough cities like Nice, Châtellerault, Poitiers, Monaco, Vichy and even across the French frontiers to conquer the Swiss, Belgium, Italian, Danish audiences.

Flamenco vivo, is a generous show, highly colored, emotionally rich, which express the values of an ancestral tradition.

Dancer’s gesture, power of the song, guitars’ chords take the audience trough the flamenco’s vertiginous spirals.

The audience get surprised by the repertoire wealthy juggling with “farruca’s” sobriety, “martinete’s” and “soleá’s” distress, “bulería’s” mischievousness, “alegría’s” freshness, “gipsy tango’s” sensuality.

Soft and nostalgic sequences follow purple passages performed by accomplished artists. Sumptuous costumes, reflecting the atmosphere of each act, will make you get in the magic of the show.

A Lorca, a homage to the great Spanish poet through the performance of his collection “Cantares populares”.

Love, jealousy, pass of the time, death… all these dear themes to Federico García Lorca that Ballet Alba let us discover or rediscover in an original directed play.

First of the 20th century, in a café in Madrid , a young man meet and seduce a beautiful gipsy woman. His jealous fiancée cannot accept such an offence. But the young man knows his nearest end because a fortune teller told him a few months before. He decides to follow his hearth, and, by this way, do not escape from his destiny.

Federico García Lorca is a great and emblematic figure of Spanish literature. Dead in 1936, shot by Franco’s army. Federico know how to touch through his worlds as well the lower class as the intellectual groups. This flamenco lover was at the origin, with the great Spanish compositor Manuel de Falla, of the first Festival de Cante Hondo which took place in Granada in 1927.

De Albéniz a Falla, flamenco’s mystery has fascinated many classical music composers. Their greatest art works are performed by the Ballet Alba’s dancers in a brilliant and refined show.

Five to ten dancers moving around carried by the greatest Spanish classical such “La Habanera” by Bizet, “España” by Chabrier, “La Danza del Molinero” by Falla… at which it mix pasodobles, “zarzuelas’ ” interludes and another philharmonics works.

Prestigious contemporary authors as Manolo Sanlúcar or Paco de Lucía inspire as well the dancers who bring us all theirs skills in the field of dance and theatrical performance.
Castanets sound, shawls’ and caps’ effects, fans’ fluttering ornament the enchantment of the show.

Ballet Alba let you choose of these three creations. It will adjust itself according to your budget and the available space. So, these precedent plays can be presented by 5 to 14 artists.

  • Eva

    I saw the Ballet Alba this week at Laon (France). Artits were wonderful! So brillliant, sensual, strong…! The day after the show they gave us a very interesting master class followed by a workshop about flamenco.
    I must say that they really have the mastery of flamenco. I strongly recomend to see the Ballet Alba.