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How To Dance Ballet

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Ballet Shoes

According to many, dancing is considered to be one of the oldest art forms, which comprises of structured movements and expresses joy of free, physical motion. The rhythmic motion involved in dancing reflects human reaction to various emotions and presents a perfect synthesis between the human mind and the abstract.

Ballet dancing is said to be a combination of emotion and intellect, spontaneity and order, spirituality and sensuousness. Aesthetic ballet dancing requires a long and tapered line of the legs that is better reflected and enhanced by the typical conical shape of the ballet shoes.

Ballet shoes are also known as slippers or pointed toe shoes and are used for dancing on the tip of the toes. Also known as ballerina, these shoes are considered to create an illusion of weightlessness, reflected through the different moves of ballet dancing that include spinning and skimming on the floor, combined with sustained poses. They keep the feet aligned to the floor and help in controlling the leg muscles required for the various moves in a ballet dance.

Ballet shoes are primarily made up of leather and canvas. Leather ballet shoes provide warmth to the feet, especially in cold studios. However, the choice of leather or canvas can be decided depending on the dance floor type, feet condition, size and weight. According to some dancers, leather ballet shoes provide a better-pointed look than the canvas shoes. Different aspects such as leather quality, individual weight, skin texture and toenails of an individual contribute to the longevity of the shoes. Rough skin and sharp nails may affect the shoes and tear them from the inside.

Canvas ballet shoes are comparatively less expensive than the leather shoes and provide a better grip on vinyl flooring. These are very popular for regular classes and can even be washed in washing machines. The heaviest canvas is considered to be the best for ballet shoes although these might not be very effective on wooden floors. It is imperative to wear ballet shoes that are dry and are a perfect fit. Ballet shoes can be bought online or from retail stores.

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