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How To Dance Ballet

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Choosing the Right Ballet Slippers

In ballet, as in most of life, the clothing options for women are more varied than for men. Take unitards, leotards and warm-up clothing as an example.

Now, when it comes to ballet shoes or slippers, the pattern still exists. But first, you may be asking, why wear ballet footwear when you can dance beautifully in your socks?

For this reason: you need support for your foot while allowing access to all your bones and muscles of your feet. The variety of shoes available is impressive and your options include:

1. Leather full-sole slippers

2. Canvas full-sole slippers

3. Canvas split-sole slippers

4. Split-sole dance sneakers in leather, canvas, or a combination of materials.

Split-sole shoes have no sole between the ball of the foot and the heel. The added flexibility in the middle of the shoe helps the arch effect of your foot to look higher, which allows for less effort to point fully. Why is that important? Because in ballet, your arch can never be too high.

Ballet slippers range in price from about $20 U.S. a pair to $35 a pair. How long they last depends on how often you wear them and your tolerance for the odor of your own feet. Some wear socks inside their ballet slippers which helps them stay clean and fresh a lot longer.

Getting the correct size ballet slippers

Ballet slippers should fit snugly and securely. At most, when you’re standing, someone should be able to stick one finger into your shoe at the heel. But ideally, there shouldn’t be enough room for a whole finger. However, your toes should be able to relax without feeling too cramped.

If you live in any good-sized city, you should be able to find at least one dance supply shop nearby. To find the right shoe, visit the local shop and try on several different styles, brands, and sizes of ballet slipper. Remember to bring the appropriate socks you plan to wear along with those shoes.

While you’re in your favorite dance supply store, trust your local shoe-fitting person but listen to your body as well. By trying on various widths and lengths, you can be assured that you have just the right shoe for your feet. If it feels good, buy it.

And nowadays with the online internet options we have, choosing and shopping for a great pair of ballet slippers is a breeze – even if you don’t live in a large city.

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