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Aspen Santa Fe Ballet presented by TITAS review

Posted by on Sep 14, 2011 in Ballet Companies, General | 0 comments

Audience watched the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet perform Where We Left Off and other works with quirky, amusing, sometimes deliberately clumsy movements at the Winspear Opera House in Dallas, TX.   Image Via – Aspen Santa Fe Ballet Image Via – Aspen Santa Fe Ballet Ballet may be codified, but to stay alive choreographers must push boundaries. Aspen Santa Fe Ballet made that point clear Saturday night at the Winspear Opera House, opening the dance season for TITAS. The company eschewed not only toe shoes, tutus, tiaras and tours en l’air, but more radically, grace. via Aspen Santa Fe Ballet presented by TITAS review.   RT @TheaterJones: Review: @AspenSantaFeBal presented by @TITAS @ATTPAC @Winspear_Opera @SantosTITAS @DalArtsDistrict Via Twitter  

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Ballet Bible Customer Review

Posted by on Mar 31, 2010 in General | 5 comments

I was fortunate enough to meet one of my long time customers at the Sydney Groove Dance Expo. I don’t get to actually meet most of my customers in person so it was a real treat for me when Tamara and her teacher Jennie came up to our stand and introduced themselves. I have had a testimonial from Tamara on my site for ages so it was super cool to actually be talking with her face to face. Jennie (JenSue Dancers) did a quick video for me and sent it to me just recently. Take a look below. Click Here To Check Out The Ballet Bible

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how to be better

Posted by on Aug 3, 2009 in General, Questions, Tips | 23 comments

i’m a new dancer and i am constantly reminded of how im not as good as everyone in my class’, so I would like to know some ways on how i can make my extensions better, how i can get higher, and how i could get my extension better, also how i can get better arches?? please please help me!!

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We Had A Great Time at The Sydney Groove Dance Expo

Posted by on Jul 16, 2008 in General | 2 comments

Hi, We’re back home now from the groove dance expo and we had a blast. It was great meeting all the other exhibitors and the multitudes of dancers, dance teachers and store owners that attented the event. We had lots of enquires from dance store owners who are interested in retailing the ballet bible in their stores and we also hooked up with Sandi and Sallyanne from Bloch who want to retail it in their 20+ stores across australia, so that is really exciting. If you live in australia you could be seeing the ballet bible in your local dance store very soon. We met a few people that we have done promotions with over the last couple of years but have never actually met face to face so it was great to finally shake hands with Grant Davies from RGDANCE and Sean from Dancetrain magazine. There was also heaps of cool people there exhibiting that are doing really exciting things in the dance world. We met: Debra from Dance Informa Magazine – she has started an online magazine for dancers that lists competitions, auditions, and all the latest dance news. You can sign up for a free subscription on […]

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The Ballet Bible will be at the Sydney Groove Dance Expo

Posted by on Jul 8, 2008 in General | 0 comments

Hi Everyone, This year we are taking The Ballet Bible down to the sydney groove dance expo. We only made the decision to go down beginning of last week so it has been a mad rush during the week trying to organize production of the product onto cd, getting new artwork done, posters made, and eftpos facilities setup, but it all seems to be coming together now so we can relax a little. We are hoping to meet some dance teachers, dance store owners etc. who would be interested in retailing The Ballet Bible as a physical product, so that’s exciting. If you are reading this and interested, just email me at anita @ Also, If you are going to the groove dance expo come over to our booth and say “hi”. We’d love to meet you. Thanks Anita

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Sneak Peek Preview of The Ballet Bible Package Version 3

Posted by on Oct 1, 2007 in General | 1 comment

If you didn’t already know, The Complete Ballet Bible Package has been taken offline awaiting the launch of the new and improved version. If you are not on my mailing list make sure you go here now. The Complete Ballet Bible Package Thankyou to everyone who has emailed me saying how much you have enjoyed the previous version and how much it has changed your life and your dancing. I hope you find this release even better and I look forward to hearing from you again. Here is a letter I received just today. It’s people like this that make it all worthwhile. Hi Anita, I am 19 years old, from Melbourne Victoria. My mum purchased the Ballet Bible for me and WOW… It has changed my whole outlook on dance. The 3 Simple Rules of a Prima Ballerina is outstanding and my favorite.  Now when I am teaching the little ones, I have a better understanding of the technique and terminologies so I am teaching them correctly. So it is not only helping me to become stronger, but the next generation of dancers as well. Thankyou so much for writing such a wonderful tool. And I look forward to […]

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