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What do you find easier?


The forum has been up for a little while now. I’m interested to know what you find easier for communicating with members and asking questions.

I have noticed that a lot of members have been going back to older posts on the blog and commenting on them rather than posting on the forum.

So tell me, do you find the blog easier to use or do you like the new forum?


  • Skye

    Hi Anita,
    I like the idea of the forum, but have been going back to the old posts because the ‘regulars’ that I have been chatting with are all still posting on there. If everyone was using the forum, I would be happy to use it. (And I think it is easier to follow). However, I guess there is not much point having two places for people to be checking for new comments, so it will only work if everyone wants to use it.

  • Flore

    I find the forum better but it is true that more people seem to be using the blog right now so there aren’t many updates on the forum…

  • Nancy

    I like the idea of the new forum but you have to enter your password with everything you do and my password never seems to work so that’s why I’m writing on the old posts.
    Could we delete “Who are you and who are late starters”. My mom’s getting scared that this it turning into a chat room so i may not be able to go on here anymore.

  • Marissa

    I like the forum because it show you what posts you haven’t read.

  • holly

    althoygh i do like the forum i find the blog just miles easier too use even though i have been using the forum because i needed my questions answering ! but i’m really glad that you are asking our opinion i think its great !!!

  • cassey

    i hate the forum i want the blog back

  • Avie’

    I like the old way much better… It was soooo much easier to use.