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How To Dance Ballet

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Hi, I have just started ballet at the ripe old age of 27. I used to do it when I was about five, but decided to quit when they wanted to put me up a level because I was too scared to go on stage. I have always regretted it though, so I am really excited that I have now found a beginners adult class with really nice girls and teacher.
I am married with two gorgeous little boys, aged 3 and 1, I am also studying Criminology part time, and I volunteer for an organisation called Fauna Resue, rescuing and rehabilitating injured wildlife.
Well, thats about it. I originally found this website while looking for tips on how to improve my pirouette (which is shocking), so I look forward to getting more great info from all of you with more experience.
P.S. Sorry, this is the only pic I have on my computer, it doesnt really show much.

  • Hi Skye. I don’t know what level your class is, but here are a couple of tips on pirouettes. Firstly, lots of releves at the barre in high retire, to strengthen your releves, holding the position. Then let go of the barre and do same. Ask your teacher if your position needs correcting – you can’t turn well in a weak position. Then there is the spotting – are you leaving your head and bringing it around properly? Are you doing a good firm demi plie to push off from holding your turn out? Just ask your teacher for help. There are many details to a good pirouette.

  • Skye

    Thanks heaps. All that advice makes sense for me. Especially strengthening my releves. I think my main problem is falling out of the pirouette too soon because I don’t have the balance. Your tips are definately helpful. Thanks!

  • Hi Skye,

    Same situation here.
    Started ballet when I was 6-ish, stopped when I was 8 when they wanted me to go to the real class (so not pre-ballet, but ballet 1st year, 2 times a week), taught by the director of the school and I chickened out.

    Started again last fall, age 28. 🙂

  • Naomi

    I can’t figure out how to post stuff yet. I’m really bad with computers (SORRY!!!)
    I started ballet when i was 11 or 12 (I can’t remember?). I did Gymnastics and Rhythmic Gymnastics before that. SO I was pretty strong. I started studying Cecchetti and I finished my grade 6 and was working on my grade 8 (we don’t have grade 7 for some reason). Then my family moved to Japan. I haven’t been able to find a Cecchetti school here. I am 16 right now and REALLy want to be a professional someday. My dream is to go to ABT.
    Right now I’m going to a studio here that is better then the other 2 that I went to. But it’s not that great. I think the teacher is intimidated by me (her daughter is the star there and IO guess she doesn’t want her daughter to loose that). Not that I’m that good. I just do my best. So I don’t really like the atmosphere there.
    Wow I didn’t expect to write this much!


    is a page of lists of dance schools – scroll down, and you will find a list of clickable links of schools in Japan.

    Copy and paste the link I gave you into your browser address bar and hit enter. I hope this helps!

  • Dianne Buxton


  • Nancy

    Dianne Buxton why did you stop ballet?
    And bye to you to.

  • Hmmm…..I did not post that last one. Wonder who did? It’s very silly. Please anonymous poster, do not use my name.

  • Nancy

    You mean you didn’t post that last one when you said bye for a very longgggggg time? That’s wierd I sure hope nobody use’s my name.

  • Yeah that is really creepy. How can someone do that?

  • Nancy

    I was wondering why your name was not lit up on the buttom of the post thing.

  • I noticed that too. I am not a web designer so I don’t know how these things are set up. But somehow, that post was created differently than the way we usually post. EE-ewe creepy….well, it hasn’t happened again – touch wood!

  • dancer4eva

    hey how do u bcome a site expert

  • Skye

    Its not really so much a site expert as just a site member with a little bit about yourself on here (cos Im no expert!).
    Email Anita at with a bit about you and a pic if you want, and she puts it on here.

  • Victoria B. Edwards

    Hello and Hi everyone;
    I studied ballet for 12 years and even received a dance scholarships to college. I got to college, let my boyfriend at the time, now exhusband tell me my I was only better than the people I was around, but not overall that good, dance wasn’t a practical profession, blacks girls didn’t really do ballet, etc.
    So I stopped, switched majors and earned a BA in business rather than BFA in Classical Cheorgraphy. I have been in corporate America 20 years now and desperately want out. I am currently layed off (again and DON’T want to go back!!!)

    Would love to open a dance studio has always been a dream of mine, but haven’t fiqured out how to get started. NE suggestions

    BTW, I am 42 and could stand to lose a few pounds, but its coming off.

  • Victoria B. Edwards

    Oooops sorry, I meant to reply and not post. Skye.
    The importantant thing is it is not where and when you start, but THAT you start. Stephanie Herman has a Muscle Ballet Workout video that is EXCELLENT. I have had it for a while and highly reccommend it. Your kids will like doing it with you or you will enjoy the YOU time alone with just you and video (DVD now).

  • chrystal

    hey hey,

    im sixteen and would love to start ballet again do you think im pushing the bar here or should i just get started already!!
    im very athlitic and quite supple
    what do you think??

    im really scared of going and ending up in a class ful of six year olds


  • Keith

    Dear Skye

    I’m a 47 year old man (formerly school teacher, now tour guide). As a social science/humanities undergraduate, I used to pass the school of dance and would stand mesmerized for minutes on end outside the windows of the dance studious watching the ballet students. Unfortunately, I never had the time (or perhaps courage) to enroll in ballet classes. Two years ago, I discovered the same university offers adult beginner classes in the evenings and decided to make the great leap of faith. Needless to say, the first couple of evenings were disastrous, frustrating and demoralizing (in spite of 30 years of martial arts AND 41 years classical music education). I must say, however, that I have rarely in my life felt as happy and realized as I do now in a ballet class, even when some nights I fear that I will ALWAYS be the worst student in class.