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How To Dance Ballet

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Are the risks of self-teaching pointe worth it?

Are the risks of self-teaching pointe worth it?


  • Jay

    No!! You have to be trained for point! You can really mess up your feet, muscles, and bones and could really hurt you hurt yourself!! If you want to be in point just go and take 3 years of ballet classes and at least 1 year of pre-point witch is a ballet clases that is training you to get and or be in point but yet you are not in point shoes yet. Just please don’t train yourself point don’t hurt yourself!

  • Carmen

    No, please don’t ever do that, it’s so unhealthy, I know a girl who trained herself for pointe without a teacher’s consent, got the wrong shoes, and broke her ankle. Looking at some of your other posts, I can tell you’ve had no formal training, and unfortunately, yes, formal training is required for pointe, or ballet, as a matter of fact. You can enjoy dancing by yourself, but you won’t make it without a teacher. Sorry, harsh, but that’s the truth. Please consider getting a proper teacher who’s qualified, please don’t try any of this by yourself.

  • Hey Alaska, I have always wanted to be a ballerina but my parents are doubtfully letting me take lessons, and they cost a bit of money too + i’m a full time yr 12 student and its very hard to find free time in my life, haha. So i started teaching myself, I also knew a friend who taught herself and she went on further in ballet and became a professional dancer. I have followed in her footsteps (sort of) and even though its good to have a professional teacher, I have done a bit of pointe work myself, but because I am just starting I don’t stay on for very long. (i go onto youtube and look at books and see how they do techniques and moves, tips etc.) I don’t know how far you are into ballet but its horrible if you injure yourself. If you were where I lived I would come with you and take a few lessons, keep at it, it sounds like you are very passionate about ballet and should keep going. I know ballet classes can sometimes be boring, daunting etc but you should do ballet classes with a good teacher. I have found a dance studio that could be good for me but I have to break it in to mum and dad slowly, because I really want to do ballet. Keep going Alaska 🙂

  • Jade


  • Jade

    It’s very very dangerous self

  • Jade

    Teach. Also if you are not ready you could break your ankles.

  • Don’t. Go and get taught, the risks are way too high.

  • Ballet

    No you need a teacher.

  • Sinalyn

    No, at the very most, you can die, or being in a wheel chair your whole life. You might not have sting enough ankles, and at the very least if that happens, you can snap your ankle in half. Please get a teachers permission before you even try to fit pointe shoes. You shouldn’t risk your life being in a wheelchair your entire life. It’s not worth the pain on your ankles. Please get a ballet teachers permission.

  • Bella

    Sadly this risk is not worth it… But if you really want to learn pointe start taking class from a formal teacher!! This will be difficult but with hard work you can get to your goal!!!
    Do not attempt pointe work. You could very seriously injure yourself

  • Remi

    I agree with Annalee. You can teach yourself, but be careful. If you have a Thera band strengthen your ankles using that. Make you sure find multiple sources that say the same thing or your information could be inaccurate.

    I heard of another girl who taught herself pointe and it was fine. Try this: 1. Stretch your ankles 2. Strengthen your ankles 3. Stand in front of the bar and practice standing on your toes (without pointe shoes) 4. Put on your pointe shoes 5. Practice rising (do 1 the first day 2 the second day and so on) 6. After a few weeks try standing on pointe and walking 7. When you are getting ready to perform a dance en pointe practice with your pointe shoes on, sitting down, with your feet against a wall.

    Hope this helps.

  • Bobbi

    It’s really up to you but I recommend not doing it
    If you really think your ready for pointe to a dance studio and ask for your feet to be tested for pointe then take about 5 classes at a dance studio and then you could probably teach yourself

    But I DON’T recommend self teaching pointe at all