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How To Dance Ballet

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back streches for arabesque

Hi i ive just started to do arabesques and i get a real sore back after and in arabesque i understand this is meant to be normal it gets less painful when youre back is more flexible from streches
but what are some streches if anybody knows
some that would be so cool thanks heaps
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  • Dylan

    Lie on ur stomace and keeping your feet on the ground lift ur back up. You might not get very high but it will get better over time

  • Zoe

    Well, that’s not really a stretch, what you are describing is a contraction of the back muscles, which is the same thing that happens in an arabesque. To stretch the back you have to go in the opposite direction. One way is to kneel on the floor, putting your hips on your feet, and bring your chest to your thighs, stretching your arms over your head on the floor. THen curl like a cat, arching your back, and move forward till your hips are on the floor, then reverse.

    It also helps if you take a yoga class, movements like the one above and others are taught and help loosen and strengthen the back.