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How To Dance Ballet

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ballet history

does anyone know of a good understandable history of ballet book that i can get for my research paper that im writing? please and thank you!

  • Zoe

    Ballet: An Illustrated History by Mary Clarke and Clement Crisp is a fairly recent, very well written book.

  • geane

    The ballet companion by gaynor miden has got heaps of ballet history stuff .

  • holly

    you should try looking on a website called because it has many books and they come within a few days , i reallly do reccomend amazon and there is normallly a high range of different books about the history of ballet that are very reasonabley priced too !!!

  • Elsje

    I am from South Africa and I really need and want some help for my ballet. I am 23 and just started. However I am not able to download the ballet bible. Are there ANY other options???????
    Please help I am desperate!!!