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How To Dance Ballet

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Ballet Query


I am from australia and I have been dancing since I was 3 and 1/2yrs old. I am now 14 so thats like 10.5 yrs. I haven’t done ballet the entire time, maybe about 4yrs and im in grade 6. I do ballet 2 times a week and a contemporary class. All the girls in my ballet class are on pointe and have been for about 1 year. I am not on pointe yet but I am better and stronger than some of the ones on pointe. But my teacher hasn’t asked me to be on pointe yet. Please help me because I do not know why and I really want to be on pointe. Also I am not very flexible. any tips? thanks

  • Marissa

    you should ask your teacher when they think you will be ready for point, and if there is anything specific you need to work on. as for the flexibility, if you stetch a little every day, it will improve over time.

  • balletgrl

    If you dont attend all the classes, maybe your teacher thinks that you dont take ballet seriously.