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How To Dance Ballet

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Can I still get into the School of American Ballet (SAB)?


I am a 12 year old girl who will soon be en pointe. When I started ballet (at age 3), I did it for fun and never really thought of it professionally. However, I took some interest in a professional career about 2 years ago. My dream ballet company is NYCB and consequently I would like to go to SAB.

I have 2 questions concerning this. Firstly, I do four 1-hour classes a week at my dance school and practice for about 2 hours a day at home. Of these four classes, I do an intermediate one (RAD syllabus). Recently, I visited SAB’s site and browsed through everything. I know I have roughly the same technique as the girls i have seen, but I am still unsure and tentative as to whether I should apply to SAB. I’m not even en pointe yet, and the girls there went en pointe earlier! Is intermediate level good enough for SAB?
Apart from this, I would say I’m quite flexible (I’ve got my front splits down and my side splits about an inch from the ground, and I have warm up and stretch routines which I do each morning). I weigh about 102 lbs, and I am 5 6″ (is that too tall?), and I seem to have stopped growing (in terms of weight, height, shoe size etc.)
I used to aim for the Royal Ballet School but my teacher said they wanted high arches (I have what I call half arches, because my feet are not highly arched but they aren’t flat either) and their students went en pointe around 9 or 10. I know it seems silly, but the only school I would really like to go to is SAB.
Everyone must think I talk a lot because I’m sure this post is very long! In addition to all the problems I have, my teacher just resigned with very short notice to the school. Apart from the fact that we all miss her, it means the school now has to get a new teacher and they don’t know when they will get one. Our end of school year performance has been postponed as well. I have done pre-pointe work and would have probably been en pointe this week or the next. I have tons of book on pointework, so i was wondering if I should use these carefully to break my pointe shoes and do rises and releves?

Your help would be much appreciated!

  • kassie

    Bad idea, do not go on pointe at home by yourself without your teachers permission, not only is it dangerous its a waste of money to, i used to practise at home without my teachers permission and ruined my pointe shoes, its not worth it. Also you mentioned being interested in the royal ballet school, well the girls there dont start pointe untill there 12 or 13 so your on the right track.


  • ale

    hi , this is my dream too

  • Rachel

    That is a great goal!! I would love that soo much but i started really late so we’ll just have to wait and see.

  • Melissa

    Please do not go on pointe by your self! It is not a safe thing to do. What I do recommend is not to give up. I am a couple of levels behind at my studio because I took a two year break. I am not in my studio’s company, because the director has never seen me dance, but I am auditioning for about five summer intensives around the country. I do feel your pain, because I did not start pointe until I was thirteen! I hope I get in somewhere!

    *Tip!*: As a “plan b”, I am registering to attend “Dance SouthWest Theatre” in Albuquerque, New Mexico. You do not even have to audition! Just register in time! Google it! Then, you can go back to your studio and say you went to a intensive. (even though you did not even have to audition!)

  • Melissa

    Another thing to add to my previous comment, SAB is a supper hard school to get into. It only accepts 25 students from around the world. A great intensive to go to is the Rock Ballet School. I was just accepted! <3 It is easy to get into, and once you get it, your studio will see how dedicated you are, and put you en pointe.

  • Melissa

    Is anybody listening?? I have no idea how to post a question, so help me!!!! Since nobody is listening, might as well vent out to you all. So lets get started! There is this HOT, NICE, SWEET, SENSITIVE guy in my class named Tanner. But he likes my best friend, who is gorgeous, and is loved by all of the guys. She is so lucky! Also, because I do not have a boyfriend, I have been having the urge to kiss someone passionately! Also, I want to be loved. My BFF has three guys at least who like her, I have none. Any advice to get Tanner? (my friend does not like him by the way) Thanx!

  • Julie

    Okay i have a question in my ballet class there is a group of girls who always talk amoungst themselves and i am always alone on my own side of the room. how to make friends with these girls. they seem nice but i just dont know what to talk about. HELP!!! I need some conversation starters

  • Isabel

    I just started dsncing in september-2009 when I was 13 now im 14 and i want to go to School of the Arts in 10th grade but I just started dancing and now im in 8th grade.
    Wish i would’ve started dancing sooner 🙁

  • Sophie

    DO NOT go on pointe without a teachers permission! Yoi could easily break your ankle or something like that.

    oh also, you might have the same technique level as many of the dancer in the SAB company, but many of them are extremely good in other areas such as performing skills. They might have that certain essence that no one else does, so they win the audition. however, if you’d really like to join that company, go ahead and try to get in.

  • Krystal

    I just have to say that it doesn’t matter what age you started dance at because that doesn’t matter. It’s how deticated you are to the art. DO NOT go on Pointe without your dance teachers permission! Your teacher will need to make sure you have strong enough ankles and fully grown toes before going on. You could easily break a toe or hurt your ankle if they aren’t ready and your young so they may not be. As in getting into SAB, you may have the same technique level but they choose dancers for what makes them shine. So you can try! But nobody can garuntee if you’ll get in.

  • Sammy

    First of all, do not go on pointe at home! Secondly, I just auditioned for SAB and got in! But I have been on point since I was 9 and go to class 5 days a week for 4 hours a day. You must also be the perfect body type. They like long legs, skinny, long neck, long arms, short torso, high arches, perfect turn out and high extensions. If you have these you are sure to get in. I am not very flexible, but other thongs out weighed that. Try the audition, and if you don’t get in, try another school! SAB is very strict, try other schools so you are not an audition virgin when the SAB audition comes around! Good luck! Oops sorry this long! I just have so much advice to give!!!