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How To Dance Ballet

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Continue Ballet

I stopped dancing ballet when I was 12. That time I was in grade 8 and was starting on pointe.
Do you think it is possible for me to continue ballet after I have stopped for 6 years? If yes, then which grade do you think is suitable?

One more question that I am curious about: Can one learn pointe without a teacher, but books and videos?

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  • Marissa

    yes, you could continue ballet. you should probably start a level below what you were, but the teacher you will be taking from will be able to tell you for sure, I’m not familiar with your level system. and no, one cannot learn point from books and videos, and trying to do so could cause injuries.

  • geane

    learning pointe without a teacher is very risky

  • shae

    hey, yes!! its never to late to start ddancing again. I dont know how well you dance so see your teacher about the grade. NO do not teach your self pointe this can cause serious injury and may other things.

  • tithonia

    hi i stopped dancing for 3 years and then started again and i love it now more than ever.
    its never too late to start again.just dont expect to start where you stopped.
    its taken me a year and i am back to my old level or even better and i can now keep up to the other girls

  • Melissa

    I took a break too. I got en pointe again three years later. I wouldn’t learn pointe at home. You could really hurt yourself. Once you start, talk to an instructor and see what she thinks. Good Luck!

    <3 Melissa

  • Kristen

    Unfortunately, you cannot learn pointe correctly at home on your own- even with books and videos. If you feel uncomfortable at your old ballet school, try a new one to learn it there. You need very careful supervision to do it without getting hurt.