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How To Dance Ballet

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Do you have any tips on doing a triple en dehour pirrouette?

Do you have any tips on doing a triple en dehour pirrouette?


  • Harmony

    Make sure you don’t twist your biddy in your preparation and deepen the plié before you take off. I have a friend who was just being stupid and full-on lunged like, to the floor, and she did a perfect triple. My teacher was dumb-founded 🙂 Goodluck

  • Anna

    Make sure you use your core and tighten your butt. Get a deep lunge and really focus on your spot

  • Does anyone have tips on how to get my spllits

  • Ballet

    Try practicing your placement that should help.

  • Ballet

    Make sure that there’s no tension in your neck and face.

  • Makayla

    Make sure to spot and keep your foot turned out

  • Ballet Sch

    Spot! Find something in the room that will not move. Stare at it, prepare and of you go every time you do one full one make sure you meet the object you looked at. Hope this helps!

  • Grace

    Loosen your spot.By loosen I mean don’t use so much energy.Still use energy just not a LOT. Sometimes if you use to much energy you won’t spot and won’t get lots of turns. So,loosen your spot(or in other words,not so much energy).Hope this helps!

  • Grace Sauls

    You just have to practice a lot at the barre and when your doing combinations at the end of it balance a position like a posse or something. Also when your doing a fodu combination you could do the entire combo on demi pointe and that will strengthen your ankle and calf for your pirouette and it will also hold strengthen your abs. Make sure you do this everyday and I bet you you will be able to balance anything in a month, but make sure you do not get mad at yourself because that will definitely not help (trust me I’ve already been through that!). : ) Good Luck!

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  • Abbey Weed

    I once had a teacher that told me to not count your turns as your turning and I did a triple pirrouette. Snap your head around and stay on balance and there you go. (It takes years of practice)