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How To Dance Ballet

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Do you have tips & tricks to succeed on pointe?

I am getting my first pointe shoe fitting in about 4-5 weeks and I was wondering if you have any tips and tricks for me to succeed on pointe.



  • Justine

    Hi, I’ve been doing pointe for about 6 years now and I can say that you need to have really strong ankles if you want to succeed while doing pointe. Make sure your teacher has you stretch your feet with Thera bands every once in a while. Cut the satan of the tops of your pointe shoes after you get them and burn the ends of your ribbon. Make sure when you try on shoes and that you have to get the shoe that feels the beg and you’ll love to be dancing in since you can’t return them. Best of luck to you!

  • Always go over your blocks!

  • Harmony

    Have confidence in yourself and your abilities it sounds silly but it really helps you to stay on pointe! As well as strong ankles, all that…:)

  • Awesome

    Make youre at a good age and if you try hard your pointe shoes will listen to you

  • Michelle

    Just make sure your feet and ankles are strong enough, and when you are on pointe, don’t sink into the boxes and let them take all your weight. Good luck! You’ll love it!