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Does anyone go to the Virginia School of the Arts???

Hi. I was wondering, does anyone go to the Virginia School of the Arts in Lynchburg? I can’t get the virtual tour to come up, so I was wondering what the dorms and common room looked like. Also, what is your schedule? I want to know because I really would like to go there in 2 years, but I need more info. Also, how much is tution? The whole Plan A, Plan B thing on their website is VERY confusing!!! If you replied it would help me A LOT!!! Thanx

  • cacey cross

    i do its really cool the rooms r pretty col too and common room but i dnt no hw mch it costs id hav to ask my parents

  • Elizabeth

    My daughter is going to the 6 week program there this summer, so we visited the school and she attended a class there this April to get a feel for what to expect. We were delighted, everyone is very friendly and clearly well trained and professional and all of the full-time students my daughter spoke to were enthusiastic about their experience.

    VSA’s campus is in several close-by buildings. The classes are in a large old style high school which has 2 huge classrooms that were the original auditorium and the gym as well as numerous smaller rooms for a large variety of classes – jazz, modern, pilates, african dance, tango, etc., etc. that are taught by both staff and visiting special guest instructors. The main cafeteria is also located in this building. The 9 month students take the city school bus to the nearby Lynchburg High School for academics and then go to the VSA school building in the afternoons for dance classes, etc.

    The dorms are located in a couple of very large renovated Victorian Era Mansions that are on the same lovely old town street as the school which is about two blocks from houses. 2 to 6 people share a room depending on the room’s original size. Each dorm has it’s own kitchen as well. One of the houses has a dance studio in the basement for after-class practice and the other house has the large commons room where students can hang out together. Students attending the full year program have to be high school age. Boarding students in the summer program are typically in middle school or high school, but day classes are held for younger students, too.

    Tuition for the 9 month school year is around $19,000. Plan A verses B simply refers to the payment plan you pick. The summer camps are around $3000 for 3 weeks and $4200 for 6 weeks. In general, you get a price break of several percent off if you pay the full tuition prior to a certain date, depending on the school session you are signed up for.

    Auditions for the summer camps are held around the USA beginning in January through March. Foreign students unable to get to an audition, can submit an audition tape instead.

    When my daughter auditioned for this summer’s 6 week camp, we were told that approximately 20% of the people who auditioned were selected. I don’t know what the acceptance percentage is for the 9 month students, but I believe they said they typically had about 64 full time students each year. My suggestion would be to audition for a summer camp for summer of 2008. This will give you a feel for the instructors and they will give you an in-depth presentation on what to expect at the school if accepted.

    I hope this information will be of help. Best of luck.