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How To Dance Ballet

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This post send by Kelsey

I am Kelsey i have been doing ballet for six years now and i need to be just a bit more flexible because i am close to doing the splits i need advice on which stretch is the best

  • HannahJeffords1

    I would say to stay in what you have of the splits for like 5+ minutes to create more muscle memory, if your not doing that already.

  • vickylu1

    I would warm up more before class and you’ll probably find that helps. At home and before class, lie on your back, lift one leg up, straight, really straight and hold as close to your body as you can, release very slightly when you feel the intensity of the strath then bring leg back and it should come in closer, do that a few times on each leg, before class, at home BUT make sure you’re really warm before doing that. Another one is to put your foot up on the bar at different angles and lean into the stretch, last one is like a lunge but deeper, with your back foot the other way, the top of your foot on the floor, go down as low as possible until your front leg is kneeling, do that a few times then try the splits and do what Hannah said, but keep doing the other stretches to keep your flexibility up. Good luck!

  • NYCballetbaby1

    I would stretch while watch TV. also it would help if you did relevès, pliès, and a lot of other stuff while your waiting for stuff in the microwave or any where!!!!!!!:)