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How To Dance Ballet

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Fouetté en tournant

I would be the happiest person in the world if I could learn a Fouetté en tournant turns. My dance studio dose not take beginning dancers seriously at all. I feel like they think I can never make it to company or pointe. I asked if I could learn this turn and they said no :* ( i think i could learn to do it as a beginning dancer.)

Help me please

  • Abella

    wat assholes.
    im an amateur who hasnt taken a formal ballet class (cause im a loser. …and theres no beginner classes in my area. XD), but i can still do it (maybe only a few turns, BUT…).
    i just studied the ballerinas who actually new wat they were doing. for instance…
    there was this one video i saw on, just search for ‘Fouetté en tournant’; its the one about 50 seconds long or so. they have someone giving an example with 10 turns, and then again but in slow motion.
    monkey do, monkey see. =P

  • Abella

    oh! i forgot to say!
    an absolutely FANTASTIC tip i heard for pirouettes, u might have heard it already, is to keep ur rib cage/chest right over ur hip; no twisty turny. it helps with balance, i suppose. XD good form is GOOD for u, as always.
    (maybe u could watch that move in the Nutcracker. i know its somewhere in there….. once again, try youtube. n_n’ sorry for my loser nesses.)

  • Tammy

    I’m a qualified Ballet teacher and I can understand your frustration however you must take into consideration that maybe your teacher is telling you no for a reason. Sometimes we do have method behind our madness. I think you must watch the videos of different steps its wonderful to expand your knowledge but always check with your teacher that you are doing it correctly. When ballet is done well it can look beautiful but when done badly it can look as bad is it can good. I love a pupil with enthusiasm so don’t ever give up trying…;)

  • Marissa

    Fouette en tournant is a rather advanced step, so most beginners aren’t ready to learn it. rather than teaching advanced steps to yourself, I would sugest trying to perfect the stuff you are working on in class. if your studio is not taking you seriously, try asking if ther are more classes you can take or other ways you can improve. if you show them that you understand how much work you need to do and you are willing to work really hard, they may start taking you more seriously.

  • Miss J

    My advice would be to practice your preparation for Fouette, to strengthen and find your center balance. By working on the preparation at a barre or chair, you will find it a lot easier to move on to fouette en tournant as you get stronger.
    Never give up just work slowly and always listen to your teacher, they are only thinking of you. Hope this helps.

  • mattie

    fouette’s are harder than they look, and if you learn them on your own, and learn them the wrong way, it can be hard to fix. i would suggest that you work on basic turns and such untill your a really strong turn-er then i’d try my hand and fouette