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How To Dance Ballet

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Gamba 93 Pointe Shoes

Hello everyone,

I am 16 years old and have been doing ballet since i was 4 or so years old.

I am now at grade 6, although I don’t just stick to exam practise and lessons.

My ballet teacher has said I am ready for my first pair of pointe shoes, and I have been researching the Gamba93 shoes, has anyone had any past experience with the shoes, or know whether they are good for fairly narrow feet and fairly long toes?

I read that they are more comfortable and softer than others, do you think these would make good first shoes?

Obviously, I will get them fitted and see what they think at the shop, I just wondered what you thought.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Sarah F

  • Sabina

    Just thought I’d throw in my 2 cents. There’s a website of a pro-ballerina who’s tried out many different pointe shoes and reviews them in brief here —>

    While skimming I think I noticed that quite a few of those are a good beginner’s choice.


  • Elizabeth

    Thanks to Sabina for the link to the pro-ballerina’s web page. However, to be fair, the ballerina only covered a couple of styles of only 2 shoe brands, these being Capezio and Bloch and some of her coverage is misleading. The Bloch Aspiration for example is intended for newer pointe dancers with very high arches. If she doesn’t have high arches this shoe would indeed be too hard for her.

    There are many more brands of pointe shoes and each typically makes many styles of shoe. Also don’t get hung up on whether the shoe is “intended” for beginners or not. What matters is comfort and fit.

    One shoe brand I always encourage dancers to try are the shoes made by Gaynor Minden. This is the only ergonomically designed pointe shoe on the market. They last last longer five to ten times longer than traditional pointe shoes, are amazingly comfortable when fitted properly, are incredibly quiet, AND do not need to be broken in. Their web address is:

    For a broader overview of different brands of pointe shoes, I recommend the following web site at Dance Art –

    This by the way is only one of several very informative web sites on pointe shoes. Do a “google” search and vary your search phrase, i.e. “how to fit pointe shoes”, fitting pointe shoes”, “selecting pointe shoes”, etc.
    You will find a wealth of material this way.

    Happy shopping. Here’s to a pair of great fitting pointe shoes!

  • Miriam

    Hey, I just bought these. I have narrow feet and fairly long toes so there’s a chance of them fittin. They are amazingly comfy (for me) and they are only my second pair of pointes. I’d say they would make great first pointes 🙂 Definitely try them on in the shop 🙂 xx

  • amy

    I thought I would put in a bit of personal experience. I’ve been on pointe for 3 years, but Im not into the hardcore ballet. I go to a very relaxed studio, and I do it because I think it’s fun and amazing. I’ve been wearing gamba 93s for all three years, and they’re great. I have narrow feet, and that’s why I wear them. I would definitely recommend them if you have narrow feet, and even if you don’t, they’re a great shoe. I’ve had a great experience with them, and I find they arch very well. Good luck!

  • Having read the above comments, I thought I would add my thoughts to the debate. I have been fitting pointe shoes for many many years and have experienced many different brands. I absolutely LOVE the gamba 93, it fits many different foot widths (although ideal for the narrower, longer foot shape). It’s also great for a first time shoe or students who do not spend a great deal of time on pointe. It has a lovely shape and is very supportive.

    I have to say that I also love the Freed professional which is excellent for the higher arched foot or the more experienced dancer. Definitely worth a look in my opinion.

  • Maggie

    Hi! I got these shoes and feet my feet like a glove.This is my first pair too. I hope you have a good year in pointe!

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  • tashaxx

    i am not a sirious dancer and i am starting point in september.i am 12yrs old and in grade 3!!!
    any adice??!!!

  • Bunnyhop

    I know I’m 2 years late but gambas are for wide feet!!! I have a ‘gamba’ foot which is wide feet narrow heel and short toes I have XXX width they were my first pair the shank was to soft bcos it was the 97s an I went back to them recently with the 93s and they are the harder shanks (I’m on my 12th pair)they don’t pull me back either-bonus!!!