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How To Dance Ballet

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i dont dance.

im 15.

going to a college in september, which has dance as an activity as i could do.

 do i do the dance thing at college, or join a dance school, or both??


 i dont know whether im too old to join ballet…i want to either join ballet or moder if i go to the dance school…

what do you think i should do???



  • Marissa

    I would suggest doing both. the more classes you take, the faster you will learn. and it’s never too late to start ballet.

  • Marie

    Aww, Congratulations on going to college! Secondly, baby girl, you are NEVER too old to start dancing!

    I learned ballet in college as an elective (at age 33!!:) It was such a wonderful experience and 3 years later, I’m still taking it!

    However, if you are pursuing a career in dancing (I’m assuming you are not) you may consider taking additional classes.

    Understand that as an elective, most of the girls will also be beginers. So, no worries, just ENJOY!


  • Avie’

    Exactly as Marie said,you are never to old to start dancing. But,if you want a career in dance,the chances are a bit slim,and you would have to work extra extra extra hard. But,if you just want to do it for fun,why not? It’s a great hobby and is great exercise. Just as an obbsesive dancer who dances every day in all my spare time,I would suggest going to a dance studio also. That way,you’ll improve faster than the other people,because you’ll have more classes than them,and you’ll get the joy of getting to dance more often! If you take ballet at schoo,you could take modern at the dance school,that way you could experience two genres,but if you like ballet a whole lot,you may just want to take ballet classes. Personally I would take both modern and ballet at the studio. I would do all I could,but then again,this may be just me. :). Good Luck and Best Wishes.

  • Melissa

    You are not to old to start ballet! look at the other question abover yours! Also, I agree with Marissa, the more classes you take the faster you will learn. Then you can move up to higher levels! Good Luck!

    <3 Melissa