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How To Dance Ballet

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Help with pirouettes

I need help with the pirouettes because when I whip my head to look north, I fall off the pirouette and lose balance. How exactly should I whip my head or what can I do to not fall? I’m 12 and I started ballet when I was 3, but I stopped at 8 and I have 4 years without ballet even though I trained at home.


  • Ntoh

    You should not whip your head too hard, because if you do, it only causes you to lose your balance.

  • NYCballetbaby1

    You should pretend as if you were a puppet and someone was pulling you up while you turn:) NYCballet baby

  • Dance123yah

    I really like your thoughts:)

  • You should find a point directly in front of you, at head hight from where you are in preparation, and start your pirouette with your eyes on that spot until you have to face the other direction and whip your head back to facing the point. Don’t whip too fast but enough so that you don’t get dizzy which is the point of spotting.

  • Livelovedance

    I agree with you, but I wanted to add that when you are doing RIGHT turns try to spot with only your LEFT eye, and vice versa for the other side. This way, your entire head gets around better and your head is what powers your turn. Also, when doing doubles it might help to think 1 pirouette, then one more. This way you can focus on one turn at a time instead of spinning twice. Hope I helped 😉

  • Ballet girl

    Find a thing that will stay still and try not to lose sight of it for to long