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How To Dance Ballet

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help with pirouettes

i’ve been dancing for a long time now but my pirouettes are my weeknes.
are there any tips and helpful stuff?
i need it badley.
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  • anna

    i am a dancer and one of the best thng that has helped me with pirrouettes is my arms if you take your ams in third the arm that i in second put it very slightly behind you and then use that to help you to proppell yourself i hope this works it did for me

  • angel

    I guess I’m not alone… I’m 15 years old and I’m a dancer too.. I’m also havng trouble with pirouettes [especially on the left side]… But my teacher told me that you have to have a good releve and never lean back… It kinda worked for me… but I need more practice… I hoped I helped… =0)

  • Naomi

    1 if you have a weak releve try balancing in pase for as long as you can.

    2 is your weight going up and over or are you falling back on your turns.

    3 when you do pirrouettes don’t freak out to much. Just relax. (I know weir, but it really works.)

    4 make sure you are pulling up after you turn. Like there’s a string pulling you up from you head.

    5 make sure you don’t tip your head up when you spot.

    6 if this helps spot where you normally do then the second or third time (depending on how many times you can turn) spot lower. It helps to not fall backwards.

    Hope this helps.

  • denise

    hi im a dancer im 14 n i have the same problem! what works for me is if i keep my focus on one spot and turn your head very quickly. get a good plie before you pirouette and dont lean back. hope this is off use xx

  • Rosanna

    A couple of pointers.
    – Make sure that you take your second arm with you when you turn. If you leave it behind, you will never be able to turn. Concentrate on the ‘in’ action of it.
    – Make sure that your weight is well forward and that you are pulled up on both sides.
    – Practice releves, and like others said, holding the position for as long as possible.
    – Also make sure that you aren’t in a ‘dead’ plie before you turn; make full use of the plie.

    Good luck

  • siwan

    I hav the same problem! im 15 and cant seem to be able to balance properly! i end up falling over! its really frustrating. i keep trying but cant seem to get anywhere? any advice to get it right? thanx xxxxxxxx

  • Marissa

    siwan: start by practicing balancing in pirouette position standing on flat foot. it’s important to keep your stomach muscles are engaged, your knee is staight and you are standing tall. after you can hold this, try balancing on releve. once you can balance on releve, balancing while you are turning becomes much easier.

  • Looks like you’ve already gotten lots of advice, but one more doesn’t hurt. How I learned pirouettes: most important thing is to hold your center. Your core, your abs, whatever you want to call it. Then make sure you’re starting with your hips square and everything aligned; it’s much harder to balance in a pirouette if you have to fix your alignment and everything in the process of turning. Those are the biggest things in my opinion, I could tell you much more, but that would be getting repetitive 🙂

  • Melissa

    A great way to improve is to video tape your self doing your turns, and then correct yourself. I do that and it is a big help. Good Luck!

    <3 Melissa

  • Samantha

    Another thing to do when turning is too stay in passe. Do not bring you foot down from passeuntil you are ready to land the turn, it really helps. I’m 15 and I’ve been having trouble with this too, but I have found that this reallly reallly helps!