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How To Dance Ballet

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How to get good alignment

This post send by Lindsey

Hi I’ve been doing ballet for a few years now. I am going to a more strict studio and my other studio didnt really talk much about alignment so I need to get that quickly . Any tips on how to get good alignment fast? I really want to go on pointe so this would be really helpful, thanks

  • vickylu1

    Lots of looking in the mirror and practicing your alignment in different positions. Remember everything solid and straight as possible except arms really.

  • Livelovedance

    On the contrary, arms DEFENITLY should be solid and straight. A lot if the students have limpy arms in my ballet class and it honestly looks awful. Remember to always focus on the little details, such as arms, head, knees, etc.

  • vickylu1

    Yes sorry I should have been more specific. I was meaning more in that arms should look like they’re not rigid but yes they definitely need to be held strongly if that makes sense. Sorry about that.

  • Livelovedance

    No, it’s ok, I see what you mean 🙂 I’m just really paranoid when it comes to arms. Haha