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How To Dance Ballet

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I don’t know a thing about ballet and I’m trying to select a school for my children. Where should I look? And what should I look for?

My twins are eager to start ballet lessons, but I don’t know where to start. Where should I look to find a good school for them? Are there any special points that I should pay attention to?


  • Sofia

    First, check the phonebook. Since names usually don’t tell you very much, search these names on facebook or google. Whichever studio seems most prestigious, send your child there. You can also visit the studios to see how the girls dance. Wherever you feel at home will be the best.

  • Emma

    You should look into van meter school of dance or the new York ballet because those are some of the best schools there are

  • Liz

    Maybe try contacting a few ballet schools near your house then if they have a website go see it and see how much lessons cost.. Eg. I chose 3 of my favorites and one is $100/course and another is $150/ course and the other is $200/course maybe choose the $150 cuz its just middle but if ur willing to spend a lot on their ballet sessions choose the $200. Do not choose the $100 ever.. I sended my child to the 100 one then I needed to let her quit cuz the teacher was like always unwilling to teach at all so I moved up to the 200 and my child now is in Grade 5 RAD ^^

  • Kayla

    Ask around town to see which ballet school they recommended, check phonebooks, etc

  • Do your homework, as not all dance schools are created equal. A good place to start is to talk to friends, neighbors and co-workers- did any of their children dance? What did they think of the studio? Would they recommend the studio? Check our websites for local schools and see what they offer. Do they only list the classes they teach, or do they provide class descriptions? Do they list their faculty and what is their experience/training? If this information is not provided on the website (or they do not have one), call and ask to visit the studio. Ask the questions listed above. Another important thing to ask about is the curriculum. Can the teacher/studio owner give you an outline of what is taught at each level, the expectations and the outcome? A good school will be able to provide this. You also want to look for a school with a code of conduct, and that offers discipline. Those places only interested in fun will not provide your twins with the educational experience they need to be successful. While fun should be a part of children’s classes, there should still be structure and discipline though out the school.

  • jacqueline

    Start them at a ballet school. To know if the ballet school is good, here’s what you want to lokk for:

    1. Performing opportunities- does the school have performances of the nutcracker ballet and ballet every spring like the cinderella ballet that your girls can partciipate in? Some Dancers in the nutcracker are as young as 7 and 8 years old and this makes great dancers.

    2. Pointe-for 99% of good ballet schools, pointe (ballet on your toes) begins once the dancer is at least 12 years old and has reached the fourth level of the ballet school, if this isn’t the policy for the school you’re looking into then perhaps consider ruling it out and starting pointe before 11 or 12 is VERY dangerous!

    3. faculty- have your daughters take a trial/assesmtment class. Does the teacher pay attention to them? Are they friendly and welcoming to the school? Do they give them and the other dancers constructive correction/ critiscm without being too harsh. Also, you should look at their bios online. Have the tecahers danced professionally ever? Have they been teaching for long? Have they been very succefflul with ballet?

    4. studio- does the studio have large mirrors for dancers to correct and see what they are doing? Is there enough room at the barre and in the studio for each dancer to comforatbly move without having to worry about hitting someone? The majority of good ballet schools have multiple studios inside the building and are semi-big, but size doesn’t always matter.

    5. student achievements- have any of the dancers tehre been acceppted awarded scholarships to professional ballet schools’ school year programs or summer intensives, or have joined professional ballet companies? Even if your daughters aren’t really serious about ballet this proves you are getting great training.

  • jacqueline

    the yellow pages online, the phonebook, and google maps (google ballet schools and click search and look on the map in your area) are GREAT ways to find a school and as already mentioned taking a trial class will be a great way for your daughters to see what it would be like to dance in that studio.

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