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How To Dance Ballet

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I want to start point in a year, but im conserned about how my feet will look.

Hey, I’ve taken ballet for quite a time now, on and off at times, but i want to start point in a year. My feet have been trained sinse i was little so i have no problem with flexibility, my ankles are strong, so no problem with strength, the only thing that i have a tiny bit trouble with is balance. I’m working on the balance. But theres one thing I’m conserned about, ARE MY FEET GOING TO GET UGLY? and I’m always thinking about it. Just looking at other dancers feet that have taken point shoes before discourages me. But i really want to do it. Can you please tell me what happens if i start to use them.

  • Avie’

    It depends on what type of pads you use and how you take care of your feet. If you want to be pro,you have to be able to do pointe. If you use thick gel pads,chances are your feet will look fine as long as you have a good shoe and clip your toenails,use other things that you need on your feet,and ect. I wouldn’t worry to much about how they’ll look cause it isn’t that big of a deal unless you want to be a shoe model for sandles or something.

  • Marissa

    if you take good care of your feet they probable won’t look bad at all.

  • Brynna

    I don’t think they will look ugly if u aren’t wearing them like every hour without any toe pads or anything to keep from hurting ur toes. I’ve been on pointe for about 2-3 years now and dancing en Pointe nearly at every ballet class i go to each week (which would be about 4 times a week) and my feet aren’t ugly b cuz i use a toepads and those extra toe things for support for my feet.

  • geane

    well to be honest they do get a bit battered thats why you need to look after them pamper them make sure you pedicure youre toe nails right and use lots of gel pads and tape and they wont get to bad

  • noname

    your feet are going to look bad no matter what.

    however, you can use tape, band aids, moleskin, etc. to keep blisters off and minimize scarring. the type of toe pad really doesn’t matter all that much, as long as you’re using something that works for you. gels help, but the inability to feel the floor might throw you off balance.

    but the real problem comes in with bone injuries (bunions, etc.) and scarring.

    but if you really love dance like the rest of us, the feet should not be an issue.

    besides, they won’t start to look terrible for a few years, and by then you’ll know whether you love it or not.

  • geane

    they dont get that bad