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How To Dance Ballet

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Learning Ballet At Home

This post send by Remi

Hi Iā€™m Remi. Iā€™m 13 and I really want to be able to do ballet, but I don\\ā€™t have the time to take a class. If you know any websites or YouTube video that are useful please tell me. Also, do you know any good warm ups?

  • Dancerchick13

    Do leg lifts to warm up and then go through all of the positions

  • blond_highlights

    you can cross train with videos, but you really need to take class. otherwise you can’t receive corrections. go to class at least 2 times a week to start out. stretch daily; there are plenty of stretching tutorials on youtube, trust me šŸ™‚ if you are worried about making friends, that will come naturally, and there isn’t even much time to talk to people in dance class, so nobody is social and you wont feel left out. just start ballet somewhere! trust me, tons of people have been in your position before šŸ™‚

  • JeteGirl

    It would be very hard to teach yourself ballet but it isn’t impossible. You would need to be very motivated and persistent. There are lots of tutorials on YouTube that you could watch to teach yourself ballet. I would also recommend watching mydancetv on YouTube. She is very good and has lots of stretching videos and things that may help.
    To warm up I just stretch basically but I don’t do anything really extreme until after I warm up.
    Every now and again maybe get someone to watch you dance. Obvious mistakes stand out so they would be able to correct you on those things but the little things you really need a qualified teacher for.
    Do try and make the time for classes if you can though one or two would be enough if you are super busy just so you can be corrected properly.
    Hope I helped šŸ™‚ Good luck!