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How To Dance Ballet

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My mom says I’m too old…

Hey, I am 15.  I did modern dancing for 2 yrs…but I stopped last yr…I really wanna be a ballerina.  My mom thinks I’m too old…she said she will take me but she thinks I’m gonna quit it soon.  I know I won’t because I have always wanted to be a great ballerina.  Do you guys think my mom’s right? Am I too old to start ballet? Or should I follow my dream?

  • hayley

    Hey NO way are you too old to start again!! I’ve done dancing on and off my whole life so i know what it’s like trying to persude your mum you’ll keep at it. I started ballet 10 months ago and i’m 15 and i’m loving it!!! I hope this helps and good luck! Hayley xox

  • Lilac

    No, you’re definitely not too old to start again. You ARE pushing it if you want to go pro… but that’s another story.

  • wednesday`

    Nope, it`s not too late! I`m 13 years old, and i started ballet about a month and a half ago. Plus, Girls that are 16 and older are in my begining class.

    so it`s not too late!(:

  • Hey starting at fifteen isn’t all that bad and I know the feeling of what you are going through because I started ballet at fifteen and I got the same comments. Some were even worse than just being too old and were downright cruel! Believe me you are soooo not too old. You could even make a great dance teacher some day and own your own ballet studio! YOu never know! Keep at it, you have my support!

  • Melissa

    No way are you to old to start ballet! My studio has beginning ADULT classes, plus you can read other questions on this website about people older than you! Good Luck!

    <3 Melissa