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How To Dance Ballet

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Split stretching

This post send by Emma

Does anyone have good advise for stretching for the splits?

  • Some stretches I like to do to help stretch my splits are:
    1. Lunges
    2. Pigeon stretch (bend your front leg and straighten your back leg while on the floor)
    3. While sitting, straighten your front leg and bend your back leg and reach towards your front leg
    4. Lie on your back and bring one knee to your chest (bottom leg is straight) and then straighten your leg and pull it as close to you as possible while keeping your hips on the floor

  • blond_highlights

    hehe. okay i am really naturally unflexible and i can only do my right split on a good day, left most of the time, and never done middle. however, i find i get a lot closer when i:
    -bend front leg in front of me, back leg in a right angle AWAY from it, and lean back. (great stretch on second leg)
    -stand in a triangle, with one leg in front, one leg in back, and lean towards my front leg
    -push my split against the wall
    -actually stretch in my split! this is by far the most effective and you cant really take any shortcuts, just make sure you dont stay in your split for more than 30 seconds or you can damage yourself. 
    -certain stretches work for certain people
    yeah! hope that helped