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How To Dance Ballet

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Starting ballet again… where should I start?

I have always been in awe of ballet and danced everywhere I went when I was 6 I began lessons at two schools one was a school that was more for doing different things when one was through my school and affiliated with the *””******* school of Ballet and it was just training to do everything perfectly. Well the ********** School of ballet bought my other dance school and I ended just solely taking it from them. I found it a bit boring , but knew it was for the best of being a dancer. We never had fun recitals … it was just us doing the barre on stage and center of the floor. The thing that we did get to do was be in the real Nutcracker… the one people pay to come see. We tried out and they assigned us to parts and which cast you got to be in…. A or B … some people had two parts one in each casts. It was fun and really got me to enjoy ballet and feel how much it paid off. But then the people decided to have open auditions and anyone could try out in the city and it was discourging knowing that it was the one thing that was special to us, luckily though I got the part I really wanted the last time. They changed it now and has a million kid parts. It sounds so selfish…. I know…. but I quit. I started ice skating (which I must say ballet helped me alot) but lost my posture but after a half year of no ballet I had to go back I love it to much and I started at another dance place that was fun and we really got to do things… we actually danced. They premoted me to the highest ballet class that wasn’t company (I didn’t want to be in the company…….which was different because the company there were kids and the old place were the company was the professionals) because of the basics I learned at the other place were strong. It was weird though because all the other people were atleast 2 years older than me and I looked so out of place and really confused because it was nothing like before. Anyway it ended up I didn’t have enough money to continue and so I went on with ice skating working still on strength of my ankles to jump high. I started a new highschool at an arts school and wanted to persue mass media and my mom made me try for dance to…. but I made it clear I didn’t want anymore of dance. The next year that is now I forgot about dance but then got into a musical and we have had to work in the dance wing and I automatically have fallen back in love with ballet and without dancing two years I lost alot, but my ankles and point have stayed the same. I now find myself working on my ankles, turnout, flexibility, and posture constantly. It scares people too because I am more of a punk alternative person but I only like to dance ballet. I now really want to try out for dance again… being part of the program means a life of dance and I think I can do it because its like going to a normal class everyday. The school takes in two types people…..people who want to learn to dance…. and people who want to get better. I have done numerous years on pre pointe classes and a bit en pointe should I start before pointe or beginner on pointe. What level should I start in?

  • Kaat

    Do you need to choose your starting level yourself?
    Doesn’t the school evaluate you to see which class would be most appropriate?

    If you have to decide for yourself, I would, as a general rule, err on the side of caution and start at the lowest level you’re choosing between, see if that works out and ask the teacher if you can move up a little if you think it’s to easy, but the other way around works also, of course, starting above and dropping down if you have to refresh your technique a little.

    At most schools it is possible to change level after a couple of lessons if it becomes evident that you made the wrong decision, is this possible?

  • name

    This is the person who wrote itt
    The dance program is in my highschool, which means if I sign up for the wrong class I would have to change my whole school schedule around to be in another one

  • Marissa

    you should definately talk to the teacher or the head of the dance program about this. I would guess that if you have done pointe before, that’s where you should start. just make sure you are in shape before classes start. but without having seen you dance and knowing more about the classes I can’t say for sure.