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How To Dance Ballet

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too old to start ballet??

Im 15 and I really love to dance I have done loads of stlyes but have always kept away from ballet I’m not sure why , I just have. Now Im doing contempory I really love it and want to take this further after school. I know the next sensible thing is to start ballet as well, as it can only imporve my dancing but do you think 15 is to late?

  • Ashley

    15 is not too late if you’re dedicated to reaching your goal. The sooner the better though so get into those classes!!!

  • Dahlia

    you not not old!!!! Go Take The classe I starded doind ballet when i was 14!!! you can do it!!!:):)

  • Eseni Ellington

    I’m 15 years old. I used to dance ballet in my younger years. I stopped when I was 10 years old. Since ballet is my passion, I want to commence dancing ballet again but I dont want to think that I’m to old to start again but I at this point, I am doing everything to start again. I love ballet and I just cant let it go like that. Hopefully I will get the chance.

  • Leslie

    you are not too old. i’m 16 and i just started takin dance, so u r far from too old. i’m workin on bein on pointe by at least the 2nd semester of my senior year (i’m a sophomore now)

  • What? 15 is totally not too late for you to start! I’ve just started taking ballet, and I’m 21 years old! And no, I never did ballet as a child, either. Go for it!

  • Bex

    I’m 21 too and have just started ballet, i found a forum where there were some woment who we 30-40 years old and just starting ballet, its all about determination and setting goals, if you want something enough and are prepared to work for it, you can achieve almost anything.

  • Eseni Ellington

    wow. I never knew that. I thought you had to start from a young age and continue. Thats why when I stopped at the age of 10, I thought I couldnt contine anymore if I got older. Wow, now I can really continue to look for schools. Thank you!

  • Hayley Martin

    Hey no way is 15 too old! I’m the same as you have done many other styles on and off all my life but alway thought i was too old to start ballet but i decided i really wanted to take my dancing to the next level so i joined a ballet class. I love it even though i’m in a class thats ment for 8 year olds, at first i was like no way but i’m soooo proud of myself for sticking in and hope to be a teacher one day. My advice is just go for it!!!!

  • stefania

    look,im 16 years old..i am doing ballet since i was 3..its cind’a hard to start ballet whn u r 15 for someone who has absolutely NO idea in dance…bt u r saying that u do u have a clue…so go for it!you can make it!thus,ballet will make u stronger..and will give to yr feet and hands a smoother way of moving and dancing!!!

  • Chloe M

    wow! i wanna start ballet too and ive ust turnd 15! its amazing that other people want to do it too! my mum wont let me but ill show her this site cos she thinks im tooo old as well!! xx

  • Marissa

    no one is ever too old to start ballet. late starters shouldn’t put all their hopes on a perfessional career, but that doesn’t mean they can’t dance. most of my older students started late, and they are all becoming pretty good dancers. even if they won’t become professionals, they still have fun and a learning a lot.

  • grace

    I was doing ballet, tap and jazz since i was 3 and i quit ballet last year (i’m 13 now) and i’m starting it again (along with modern) this summer. i’m really excited! my goal is to be on point by the time i’m freshman in high school.

  • Hannah

    Just remember dont push yourselve toooo hard to get onto pointe! because ull end up never been able to get techniques right because of bad habits u tend to pick up if u learn too fast! Go for it Ballets great and it keeps u fit as well!

  • Avie’

    It isn’t to late to start. It may be a stretching it a bit to say you could have a professional career in dance,but if you dont really want thatm,then why not? It is great fun and great excersise. If you want to do it,go for it! Good Luck and Best Wishes.

  • Jen

    I’m 42 and started ballet about 2 years ago. While I may never go en pointe (bad feet and shin splints) and my developes may never be more than 90 degrees, I work my guts out at each class and enjoy myself. I’m even performing in my school’s concert in September. In fact the hardest thing for me to do in classes these days is to remember the dances I have to learn.
    Oh, and Bex, can you tell me what the forum was you found for older dancers?

  • Tessa

    OMG no its not to late im 13 and have been doing it since i was 4 ,but wether ur just startin or have been doing it ..if u stick to it and do ur best then thats all that really matters GO FOR IT !!!

  • rosebel

    i am 24 wanting to learn ballet , i am trying a little but want to try more . I need ballet pictures and technics. thanks

  • ann

    i would really love to learn ballet,although i just started learning and would love to improve.i am 22

  • Rhian

    Wow. Im also 15 and have done ballroom, latin and modern. Soon i am starting ballet, tap and jazz. I’m quite nervous but all these comments have really helped. Thanks and good luck to you!

  • I want to take ballet class for the enjoyment and possibly to incorporate moves and grace into dance routines.
    I am 40years old (in great shape I might add) where can I take classes? I only see them advertised for children (3+). I am in the northern virginia area.
    You are never to old to dream and start!!!

  • Heather

    im 21 and overweight and decided i want to be a dance major in college. I’m not a current dancer. back when i was like 9 i started dancing hip hop and jazz then highschool became a cheerleader. and i havn’t done formal dance training since. any advice for a late dance bloomer like me?

  • Heather

    ps ….. is it unrealistic to be a dance major if i havnt started college yet, i’ll be starting at community, and taking classes at ODC san francisco??

  • Miss J

    Go for it… You are never too old to learn.
    Ballet is the basis for all dance. it will strengthen your body. It doesnt matter what age or level you start at. So long as you start.

    Good luck.
    Miss J

  • Laura

    Speaking of old and what age is appropriate, I am in a bet of a dilemma !!….I started dancing Ballet when i was 5 years old and i danced for almost 9 years after that i quit eventhough i always had the passion for Ballet. Now I am almost 19 years old and i REALLY want to dance again…do you think i am too old for this now?….I’ve been dying to dance again and i think if i work enough i could get it again…Do you think i should go along with this or actually is it possible now?

  • Marissa

    Laura: no one is ever too old to start dancing. I’m not saying you should make it a career goal or anything, but if you enjoy it there is no reason you should not go for it. plenty of people start dancing as adults.

  • Dylan

    Go 4 it! Did you know that the guy that corographed swan lake (The male virson) Started at 22.. And he did ballet/contempuary.. It MAY be a bit late for you do professional ballet, but dont listen to me and go 4 ur dreams 😀 .. And i know so many people that started at late 20s and are now very famous contempuary corigoraphers (Sorry about the spellin! lol)

  • crissie

    hi…i am 18yrs old and a beginner in ballet(i’ve had about 5hours priv. lessons and 1 hour of jazz)…i love everything about ballet and it has always been a dream of mine to take action in the ballet world and possibly teach it one day. though i have never had any type of dance experience before now, is it possible for me to become a ballet major for educating others? if so, how do i go about planning this goal for myself? ( i might add, i am currently enrolled at a comm. college and will be starting this fall for elem. education…is there a way to be both a school teacher plus an evening ballet teacher?…how should i go about earning these degrees?)…also, does anyone know of any good dance instructors in the middle tennessee area near columbia?? and also a good school for me to get my degree in dance?? thank you…ur advice is very much appreciated!!!

  • Liberty

    dylan – do you mean matthew bourne’s swan lake? it was meant to be really good, i was going to go, but i saw that the paris opera ballet was doing the classical version (i went about 2 weeks ago) and i saw that instead. it was really good… but if they ever do the matthew bourne version again i would love to go to that as well.

  • Liberty

    oh and of course your not to old to start ballet – i have just started and i am 14. i only have one class a week and ive never danced before, and im in a class with people far more advanced than me but so far i have progressed heaps! just keep going to class and dont let anything stop you.

  • rossy

    there are so much encouragement here, i am 24 trying a little in dancing but i want to learn more i can’t stand on pointe i need help. and i want informations of how it goes , how i can progress in dancing. and even classes i only see advertisement on classes but i dont know how it goes i am a nigerian to be precise thanks

  • Dylan

    Liberty – yeah that swan lake! OMG, i cant belive that the paris opera did it.. AGH! yeah, it was amazing, but one day.. ONE DAY i will be at the Paris Opera!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dylan

    But.. i have alittle while to go yet! lol

  • Lainee

    How old should I be if I want to dance professionaly i started when I was 7 and quit when I was 10 and now i’m 14 and i’m doing pointe.Did I wait to long?

  • Marissa

    Lainee: it all depends. if you have talent, work really hard and have good teachers, you might be able to dance professtionaly. but be prepared to work constantly.

  • Jenny

    I have been dancing all different kinds of dance since (believe it or not)I was 3 months old. I started ballet last year when I was 12 in level 3 at my ballet school. I decided that ballet was my future. I’m now 13 and i have been on pointe in level 4 for 2 months. All the girls in my class are like 8-11 years old,and I should be with the level above me with the 11-13 year olds. Is too late to pursue a professional career in ballet?

  • Marissa

    jenny: if you kork really hard and have talent, then you may have some hope of a professional career. if you really want to go for it, then you need to be taking as many classes as possible, including private lessons and summer programs.

  • leah

    OH MY GOD. i have the same problem. i am 15 and for the last 3 years i’ve wanted to take dance but my mother disapproved of it strongly. GO FOR IT! REALLY! btw i am so glad i foound this forum because i was asking myself that everyday.


  • Denise

    I am 25 and I just sign up for ballet I live in the Northern VA area. I always wanted to take ballet. Im not flexible like some, but I can do more than the norm…any way I think it will be a great experience and I get to fillful my childhood dream! Next I will be taking tap and lyrical!!!

  • elizabeth

    i’m going to be 27 in october… i just bought my shoes and begin lessons in a couple of weeks.. you young and older ladies inspired me… i’m not too old.. and neither are you 🙂


    Iam 47 took class at young age met my husban and no more dance. My dream as most young girls who want to dance on her toes. A long story short! I went to a local dance co and tryed out and was suprized they took me wow! I ask is there any chance I can get in point shoes before I die Ha!


    sorry 47 year old dancer pusher the wrong button, good thing I can dance better than email or I will never make it! As I was saying I ask if I would ever dance in point before I die, he laughed and said about 1 to 2 years you could have hit with a feather because I would have fell over. The dance teacher has been all over the world teaching and at schools. If I can go back anyone can.

  • Erin

    I’m 28 and just began ballet lessons for the first time. I’ve always been thin and relatively flexible — I did cheerleading in high school and then ballroom in college…but ballet is entirely new to me. The first two classes (so far) have kicked my butt! 🙂 I know I have terrible turnout, so working on that is my first focus.

    Some of you ladies who are 30+ — have any of you been able to make it to pointe, after having started later than in your teens? I know it’s a looooong way off yet, but it’s really my ultimate goal. Do you think it’s even possible??? :-/

  • Paige

    hya i’m 15 and im doing my 1st ballet class in september, i did it when i was like 4 but i quit and now i’ve decided i want to do it as a job later on, do you think if i try really hard it could happen? or is there just no point at all? help! Also how long does it take to do pointe? :/

  • Marissa

    Paige: what do you mean by as a job? if you mean you want to dance professionaly with a ballet company, then you might have a small chance if you have a natural tallent, a really good teacher, and are dancing several hours every day. you would need to take every class you possibly could including private lessons. as for when you would be on pointe, that depends on what your teacher thinks. remember that there are other dance related careers though. there are teachers, choreographers, and people who work with dancers in the health care field. and even if you don’t end up dancing professionaly, that doesn’t mean there was no point in dancing.

  • bella

    Hi I’m 14 and just started ballet. Is there any tips on how to get more flexible??

  • Hazel

    It’s not too late to start anything. I’m 25 years old and do hip-hop dancing. I know of 50 year olds who just started hip-hop dancing. Now I’ve read all these comments, I guess it’s not too late to do ballet. It was something I’ve avoided but now I want to learn it – only to learn how to be more graceful in the way I move. Oh and posture as well.

  • Sofia

    Hi, I’m 13 and I just started tap for the first time last year. There was not enough people to make a whole class for Tap 1 (for beginners like I was) so I had to go into Tap 2. It was a little bit hard at first, but anything can be done if you set your mind to it. This year I’m going to take more ballet, tap, jazz, modern, and choreography.

  • jj

    im 14 and my parents always told me that i was too old and to tall to do ballet!!but this website has given me a real boost to go and look for classes!!!!

  • audrey

    im 15 i really want to do professional danceing but i only tae twoclasses jazz and ballet one night a week. is there any hope at all?

  • carys

    I am 15 years old too! I started ballet when I was 14, and now i’m in grade 4, and my teacher siad that I may be able to go onto pointe next year! It’s never too late to start ballet. Never.

  • Sinead

    Hello. Im 14 and am really interested in starting ballet. I am currently looking for dance schools and would appreciate any tips on how to get better fast.

  • Francesca Faye

    Hello everybody!
    I have been in a dancing environment since i was a baby, because my parents played in the orchestra for Moscow City Ballet. I did ballet up until I left Junior School (I was about to go en pointe) – I am now 14. Is it too late to pursue being a ballerina as a career? Do you think i have any hope in going en pointe?

  • Priscilla

    Hey, im now 14, going on 15 in about three months.

    I started dance at 3 and did it until i was about 10.
    I know desperatly want to start lyrical and ballet. Though, even though i took ballet, jazz, tap and hip hop when i was years 3-10 i can barely remember anything. Not that i probably couldn’t do it.

    But do you think if i start now i could still comehow do competition ? And is it to late for me to start ?

  • Priscilla,

    As a child and teen I danced for 15 yrs. but stopped as and adult for 25 yrs. went to 257 pnds in weight.
    In my late fifties I lost 127 pnds. and went back with much pain to my body to trying to restore my lost art of ballet. Mind you I am now 60 yrs. old and teaching the art to underpriveledged children. Am I as good as I was when I was a teen? No! but I push every day to get better.
    Your still young enough to make it. My question is are you willing to pay the price with the practice it will take to get there. Can you push past the pain? Do you want it bad enough!
    God’s speed in your endeavor!

  • Lindsey

    Hi! I used my google tool bar this morning and searched “starting ballet at 23” and this is the forum I found and I am glad that I did. Everyone at all of your different ages have inspired me more so than I thought~I am happy that I read every comment and now know that when I walk into my first ballet class (ever!) this Saturday morning that I will most likely feel much more welcome than I had first thought.
    I am soooo excited to start ballet and I will be attending The Otto M. Budding Academy of The Cincinnati Ballet in the adult open division beginning classes and very much looking forward to absorbing anything and everything and working really hard as often as possible…so my question is does a lady of 23 have any chance in a dance career as a professional dancer?… or would it be more realalistic to work for me myself and I and maybe one day at least be able to teach or choreograph? Let it be known my sole purpose of starting this class is to scratch that itch my heart has had for 10 years and too be all that I can be for me first. Thanks, Lindsey

  • Kate

    What a great thread! I too am a “going-back-er”. I am 25 and danced from age 7 to 18, all types.. ballet, modern, lyrical, jazz and tap. I was very serious and took 5+ classes a week all through school. All my teachers encouraged me to go pro, but then I hit college… I saw what so many of the other (better than me!) dancers had been through when they tried to go pro (rejection, extreme starvation, etc…) and thought what if I get injured and that’s that?

    I now have a very satsfying career in the medical field and will go to grad school soon. I’m now 25 and have not danced since I was a senior in high school (except practice on my own at home.) I REALLY miss it and plan on returning to ballet. Not to say that I will do this, like I said, I have a career that I love, but theoretically…. what are the odds of a girl like me being able to go professional?

  • you r only 15!!! It’s never too late….. there r people age 70-80 and they just started dancing! so it is never too late!

  • Megan

    Hi my name is megan and i am 13 years old and am going into 9th grade. I have been taking dance classes for two years, but only jazz and hip hop, and it was only one class a week. But i desperately want to start ballet, and i think that if i do i would love it a lot. I just practice the positions and do plies around the house along with little twirls here and there and i already think it is my passion and future, and i can’t bare to see it on stage knowing i can’t do it. But my goal is to start ballet this upcoming school year (when classes take place) and i hope to be at pointe level, so i could take it senior year… do you think that is possible? there are girl’s in my grade that have been doing pointe since like 6th grade, should i give up? is it to late for me? And i know i am younger, but i hope to be a dance major in college, what can i do in my 4 years at high school and in taking dance to help me persue that dream? sorry about all the questions but i really hope to do this. thanks ahead of time!!

  • i’m 14 years old and have been taking classes for about 10 months now. i used to do ballet when i was 3 until the age of 6. i really wanted to get back into it last year, so i started to take classes at one of the bestest ballet schools in australia. is it possible to have a professional career in ballet even though i started dancing very late?

  • bobbie

    hi all. i just turned 27 a few days ago, and i am about to pursuit the art of ballet. i used to take jazz a long long time ago 🙂 i know that ballet will not be the easiest thing, but i love a challenge and i believe it will build character as well. good luck to all you dancers and much respect.

  • jess

    is it too late if i am going to start ballet like around 17? i wanna learn but i just dont have the money to take up classes.

  • Amy

    hello! im just starting ballet in september and turned 15. im kind of overweight. is it true that heavier people struggle in ballet?

  • Chelsea

    i used to dance ballet; then i oursued other interests and quit. its so relieving and cmoforting to see all of you late starters and restarters.. im starting again tomorrow!

  • james

    Well, I have been douing, street, latin/jazz and ballroom for the last 6 months im age 15 and im male, dancing is the one thing that makes me happy as past life experiances have not been to well, dancing braught me out of dipression, but I want to start ballet, but im scared that im to old and that im male, i am not over weight and have a very good body, my upper, lower and middle strenth is amazing for my age, I would like to no if I could make a carea out of this as its made me very happy, and if it is possible for some one that is 10.7 stone to start ballet, please get back to me, thanx

  • I’m 13 yrs old and just started taking ballet classes..I love ballet soo much that want to teach dance when i’m older but do u think that i might be able to go on pointe ? at least by 15 yrs ? 🙁

  • Nasha

    of course not! your situation kind of same like me. i started ballet when i was 4 years old. but when i was at 4rd grade at school i quit ballet. in 7th grade, i really want to do ballet again, i searched every dance class, and finally im dancing ballet again until now. im very happy because i already start on pointe in my late age.

  • Haley

    This is stressful. i have read all the comments.. and wow. I did dance when i was 4 and i did it until i had to move, so about 2 years. I did tap and ballet. I even had a passoin as a little kid, and i am 14 now and relizing i want to do it professionally! But i am a beginner, and actually am teaching myself, with a private tutor(temporarily) until i move. I dont emember anything as a child. I am hoping to do this after i move!! But, seriously, any advice? I mean Ya, its seems way late, but i REALLY want to do this professionally. How long does it take to get to pointe? I am working SO HARD and i know that i am NOT going to back out. Do you have any advice for me?? I mean i need a new private tutor in hood river, oregon. And it has to be cheap, i have to pay for it!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

  • Sarah

    Im just starting ballet again and i am 14, i am really passionate about the art of ballet and i was wondering how long will it take for me to go en pointe? i already do ballet once a week but should i do more?

  • Markie

    No one should EVER let age discourage you from dancing if it’s your passion. I’ll say this first…I will be 23 in June 2009. I began dance for the first time ever when I was 7. I was only there for 2 years because my parents didn’t have a lot of money. Now, it wasn’t great teaching…pretty much zero technique…moreso teaching choreography, so sucks that I didn’t get much out of it while I was young. But later on when I was 12, I started gymnastics and did really well, especially for that age also. But then quit after two years, again due to lack of funds. When I was in high school, i wanted to dance so badly again, so after the first semester of my freshman year, I transferred to a fine arts chartered school where I studied normal school and studied ballet technique for a 2 hour block. I fell in love more and because of my passion, progressed quickly for the amount of teaching I’d had. During summers I did Dance intensives and that pushed me even farther in progression, but when I graduated, I wasn’t to the point yet to audition for a company, but I still thought I had great potential especially knowing I REALLY starting dancing at age 15 (when the technique classes really started in school and at intensives). I wanted to major in college, but I had to have a job, because I had to pay for college. So having a full time job became more of a priority because I had to take care of myself, so dancing went on the back burner for a while. Throughout the years I’ve had spurts where I’ve kept myself stretched and would take classes, but never consistently because it’s hard to keep up with a home, money for classes, money for living in general, a husband and animals…but that passion will NEVER go away. I don’t think 15 or any age under 30 is too old to start dancing or at least…begin again after dancing well before. Even to think you could have a job dancing is still not unheard of and don’t EVER let anyone tell you it’s not. It may be harder or less possible to be a member of a Classical Ballet Co., but my passion is Contemporary Ballet which has a lot more freedom. I won’t let the goal slip away and I will continue to try for it. I have found that it helps because I still look 15, I’m 5’3″ 100 lbs. even and keep myself stretched. Now that I’m in my 20s it for sure helps A LOT to get you to progress REALLY quickly and get yourself back where you were and where you’re wanting to go if you work out regularly at a gym or run or something to get yourself back into the physical capabilities of ballet and dance in general. But DO NOT be discouraged because every time I go back…5 years after dancing everyday and being at my peak, I find myself right back where I was 5 years ago in level of ability, as long as I’m still stretching and working out so my body is ready to take whatever I throw at it in a dance class and I find myself progressing already even after 3 classes. Turn out is my only down side…but I’m still going to work on it…and I’m strengthening my ankles and arches with a theraband along with other excercises to get back in pointe training, or pretty much begin. I never had more than 3 real pointe classes which didn’t really get me anywhere. But I know my technique in ballet in general will allow me to do pretty well on pointe if I work on it for a couple of years and continue working out and stretching and taking a couple of classes a week. I will have the goal to audition for the Contemporary Ballet company and ANYONE can make it a career if you believe you can and you believe you’re body is in the right condition for it. Meaning, stretched, feet and ankles strengthening, heart in good physical condition to not get winded after a few echappes or jumps in first :o) (by doing cardio to get yourself there) strengthening your upper and lower back muscles and inner thigh muscles to work that turnout. You can do anything you work hard to do and have passion for. If you are young like 13, 14,’re in NO WAY too young. Some may be able to do classical possibly and more possible for contemporary ballet. Just take at LEAST 3 classes a week and work your feet with a theraband to strengthen ankle and arch muscles and take other types of dance classes too. It will help. Jazz will give your more stamina in classes and modern, well maybe I’m biased, I’m a huge modern fan, but it will give you a completely different way to FEEL ballet and it’s absolutely beautiful and free. Which is why I’m pursuing the mesh of both, contemporary. I hope I’ve helped…DO NOT give up. You can pursue a career in whatever you train hard enough for and have technique enough for. Just work on it all the time and always take classes!! Summer intensives do more than you think also. Good luck to all!

  • chloe

    hey, ive just turned 14, and im wanting to start ballet. i used to do it from when i was 3 till 6/7 i also did tap and jazz. as i got older i did some ballet , but not much.. and ive sorta forgot everything. ive been doing hiphop dancing for 2 years now, but nothing can take away my passion for ballet. i LOVE it .. i sit and think about all the time, constantly, i also go to shows etc. recentley a ballet company was touring and was in my town , and i went to a few workshops with the dancers.. it was amazing. i really, really want to do ballet professionally. and i just no i wouldnt give up, somewhere in the back of my mind ive always known it was my dream. anyway i was just wonderin am i too old ? well obviously im not too old to start, but to have a career professionally? or should i just give up hope and stop wasting time. also i dont really think much of the only ballet school in my area since they dont go onto pointe . my mum says i could travel but it would need to be at weekends or after school hours .. and still i dont no where ! how long would it take me to get en pointe ? i have herd you can do it in 2 years if you work hard, but how many classes does this mean etc ? i really want this and i wish id never had to stop in the first place, but sometimes lifes just unfair. please reply thankyou x

  • Sheyenne.

    hi i’m 14 almost 15 and kinda overweight.I’ve never really thought of ballet before but lately i’ve been intrested in it? I don’t plan on being a professsional but i really want to do ballet because of it’s grace and beauty. Even thought i’m kinda overweight can people like me still do it?

  • Nora

    Guys, you can’t take one ballet class a week at ur ages. u need more.

  • Luci

    Despite what Nora says, you can take just one class a week, you just have to set aside time to practice at home too.
    I’m 21, 5ft7inches and 55kg. I think it’s a great idea to get into ballet even if you dont start young. As long as you’re still in good shape and flexible I say your never too old to learn anything. Thats why I’m starting ballet too.

  • Eva

    Ok so I’m 16 and have been tap dancing for about 10 years now and have done a little bit of funk and hip hop. I’ve also done a fair bit of contemporary. But I’m quite unflexible. I can’t do the splits or anything like that. With my age and my unflexibility would I be able to start ballet? I don’t want to do ballet professionally but I would like a career in dance and I think ballet technique would help me. Any thoughts?

  • Ash

    It’s never too late… maybe to go to the top professionally it is too late, but you can still do it!
    Im 15. I started ballet in April. I have one class a week, and in the summer holidays i had no classes, so i have to practise at home. Despite starting in April, I’m doing my grade 4 exam in November, and while I’m no where ready yet, I’m gonna work hard so that i will be ready.

    If ur not flexible enough, it’s not too late… just stretch every day, it may be slow but u’ll get there, just be careful with stretches. Practising evry day will help with strength
    and if u feel overweight, don’t go food free, rather, eat ur proper three meals, but eat small portions, and wait 15 minutes before you decide ur still hungry. and when grabbing a snack, always think, do i really need this (unless it’s fruit, fruit and veg are gd) XD

    It’s never too late if you work hard.

  • Madie

    wow, this is extremely inspirational, i’m 14 right now and I’ve been wanting to do ballet for a few months but wont be able to start til next year when I’m 15…thanks! I now know that its never too late (:

  • ballerina wannabe

    I am 17 and take 1 class a week in folk dancing. i did a year of jazz when i was 4 (well this was mostly just fun and not technique!) and then 1 and a half years ballet, which was fantastic!! i loved it so much!!! tragically, i had to quit since my mother was never keen on me becoming a dancer – she thought best take me out while i am young so i will forget my love for it. but she was wrong, i have regretted it ever since.
    she let me begin folk dance when i was 6 and still do that – once a week, but we basically learn dances, absolutely no technique or personal pointers, just learning the steps. i did 1 term of ballet @ 15yrs, but temporary injury and had to quit. however i stretch every day, and although i am not naturally so flexible, i have greatly improved and am now flexible.
    now i would like to start again, desperately, i can now convince mother or else pay for class myself. i am starting a ‘beginner adults ballet’ class and taking it from there – then hopefully 2classes/wk.
    do i still stand a change of professional ballet in an elite company?? my ultimate dream would be a principal dancer, but i would be delighted to be anything…a snowflake in swan lake <3 do i have any hope of becoming professional, and if so, how???
    please give me some tips that i can follow to utilise my limited time before its too late!!! thankyou!!!:)
    goodluck to everyone here, i hope you’re dreams come true!!

  • tracy m

    i danced many of my cultural dances and performed many time on stage in NY. I am 22 yrs old and i starting my first ballet semester and i LOVE it.

  • Victoria

    I am 26 now, a mother, and my baby just turned one years old. I used to do a lot of semi-professional latin and social ballroom dancing, and I took a couple of ballet classes. I am trying to get back into dance now because I love it so much, and apparently my daughter loves dancing too. I still have some of my pregnancy weight, and are a little concious of starting ballet again. Am I not in the right physical condition to be trying to dance again?

  • Maura

    hello there i did ballet at peabody i loved the staff but the hours they asked for i felt were too much commitment i quit at age 10 and now i’m 15 i want to do ballet but not as a career.
    also i’ll probably not get to pointe my feet are still growing and i’m very very small.
    but what would be a good idea for me for taling classes companies, a studio or rec?

  • Taylor

    Hi, after reading this it’s helped sooo much. I’m also 15 and want to get back into ballet. I was scared of being behind but now I’m inspired. For years I was a gymnast and did additional ballet classes for it but I quit a while back. And now finally I’m over the nerves and ready to give it another shot! wooohoo.

  • Liz

    Hi, i was wondering……I am 13 right now and would like to start up ballet again. i was really little when i last took it (i think i took it from when i was 2-5 years old, not quite sure though). i am currently taking jazz and poms on the weekends and during the week. if i enroll in a ballet class, how long will it take me to get on to pre point/pointe? some of my friends that take ballet tell me that they think i have strong ankles….but i don’t know. HLEP ME PLEASE!! 🙂 thanks!

  • Jessica

    I had the same question. So I asked one of my friends and they said it took her 5 years.

  • Andie

    I’m 26 and have danced ballet on and off since age 3. I took my lessons very seriously when I was younger than 12, stopped and began again when I was 17. My lifelong dream is to be in the Nutcracker but I lived in a small town where for that to be possible would have involved lots of driving by my parents.

    I’m starting classes again soon, is it completely impossible for me to audition for a Nutcracker performance next winter… I’ll take any small part, but at 26 am I too old to try?

  • elizabeth

    i’m 17 il be 18 in 6 months and i started a dance class this year at my school we do some ballet, jazz, and contemperary…and i have fallen in love with ballet i have always had a secret dream of dancing in a company…Im looking at different classes going to start soon. With are work and determination is it too late?

  • Karina

    Im 23 and I just started Ballet. Im so excited, I don’t expect to get to professional level or anything but I want to make it to Pointe! Im naturally small and slender and guite flexible, do you think I can make it to pointe and about how long does it take of practise to reach it??


  • Mariana

    I am 21 years old and I restarted taking ballet 3 moths ago, after more than 10 years. I used to be fat as a kid/teen, when I was little (5-7 years old) I danced ballet at a studio but the teacher was an old bitch and kept bugging me about losing weight (poking my but and tummy in front of my classmates), being just a kid, I finally dropped it, I hated the humiliation (I was not that fat then, maybe a little over the average kid) As I grew older I always wanted to dance ballet again, but I started gaining more and more weight and all of it me insecure about starting dancing again, remembering my dreadful first ballet experience.
    Last year, I decided to change my life. I lost 75 pounds and after that I finally decided to start dancing again, I did not have any excuses anymore I really wanted to dance ballet, even after more than 10 years and a bitter experience, I had to try it again. I started 3 months ago taking 2 (1 and a half hr) classes at my University, in the beginning I was really nervous, I still had some body image issues and I feared that my teacher/classmates would bug me like the one I had when I was a kid. I was pleasantly surprised, my teacher is a really sweet girl, not much older than me, my classmates are really kind and fun and we are all beginners so the class is not too stressful, but we learn a lot.
    As 21-year-old ballet beginner I, obviously, have no intention of making dance my career, but I am in love with ballet. It makes me feel beautiful, graceful and strong. Since I lost the weight and stared dancing I have being in a better mood and I carry myself with a lot more pride. I do have one goal/dream: dancing on Pointe one day! I am loving it so much that I joined a well known ballet studio for other two classes per week.
    This class is a lot more serious than the other one, since I am a full time design student I cannot attend the adult beginner class because it is in the morning, but after a tryout class, the studio allowed me to join a more advanced class in the afternoon. There are girls of all ages there: form 12 to 30 years old, most of them are dancing on Pointe. I am enjoying dancing with them pushing myself harder, to keep up with them. I am naturally very flexible, I have a natural turnout and I have strong legs and feet, so it has not been too hard to keep up. I ask questions, listen to corrections, even if the teacher is not correcting me and I am advancing quite fast. I would love to dance on pretty Pointe shoes but I am LOVING my classes on my regular ballet slippers. I even have to wear a uniform for this class! I dance only with tights and a leotard and I feel more comfortable and beautiful than I ever thought I would! I live a healthier lifestyle and the 6 hours of ballet I do every week are helping me to tone my muscles and improve my figure even more.
    So as a ex-obese 21-year-old ballet beginner I am loving my life more that ever. I know this comment is long but maybe it will inspire other girls that like me are afraid to start/restart ballet for whatever reason. My only advice is DO IT! DO IT NOW! My only regret is that I did not do it sooner! You have nothing to loose and a million things to gain. Being a professional ballerina is not the only way to dance ballet as an adult. I dance just for my own pleasure to express myself and to feel better about myself and I could no be happier.


  • luna

    wow..I’m 21 yrs old and my age is not too late to start learning ballet..i want to dance because it is one of my biggest dream..thank God I found this forum..n_n..Just go for can do it..(^^,)

  • Janine

    I’m 23 years old and always wanted to do Ballet. I thought I was too old, now I know I’m not, I’m going to sign up for classes now this is all very inspiring. Thank you 🙂 🙂

  • Ty

    I’ve always thought I was too tall and it was too late for me to start dancing…(I’m 21 and 6’1″)…not professionally or anything…just for fun…just to be able to say that it’s something that I can do. That might sound weird….but yeah. Reading all these comments is very encouraging and hopefully I’ll be able to make this dream I’ve had into something of a reality in the near future.

    Thank you :]

  • lucy

    im 12 want to start ballet i weigh 106 pounds im 5`1. i really want to start ballet but am i to fat to start and is it to late to go pro if i can start ? HELP!!

  • Bec

    Hey, I’ve done ballet up to and including 1st year pointe, but I stopped when I was 14. I am now 18, is it too late to pick it up and possibly do it professionally?

  • Krieg

    I am a 42 year old male and I just started taking ballet,I can only say that age doesn’t matter.

  • no mam its not to late look misty copeland started ballet at afe 13 shes better than half those gurls who started at age 3 but dnt go on yahoi for advice their kinda negative sayib people cant b professional but u can oblivasly cus msty copeland is a professional and is n c I started ballet at age 14 I got on pointe at age 15 my ankles were strong c I did ballet at age 6 then the company closed at age 9 then I didnt do anythin for 3 years then at age 12 I did gymnastics but I hated it my mom had trouble with miney so I waited then age 14 mommy put me in I worked had ill never forget wen I was tld to b in pointe it was amazin u van do it girl keep believing

  • katie

    I am 16 years old i only started proper ballet training (ie. not just in church halls) when i was 13 and i am now dancing in a professional ballet company althought i do train 6 days a week and 10 hours at the weekend. If you are dancing for yourself and for the love of dance it is never to late to start but if ou are aiming for a career in ballet you need to be training profesionaly by age 15 max. Hope i helped happy dancing x

  • Caitlin

    I am 13 years old and I took ballet tap and gymnastics for two years when I was 6 to 8. I remember nothing and would like to train to finally acheive en pointe. I ride horses one day a week for 8 years do you think that since this stregthens your ankles that I will acheive en pointe sooner?

  • 15 is NOT too late to dance. 🙂 You should DEFINITELY try it! Check out my website and go to the post Benefits of Ballet. There are many benefits in taking ballet and its also REALLY fun! 🙂 I recommend it!! I started when I was 6 and I have LOVED it ever since!!

    Try doing some exercises to improve your ankles. I have some that are on my website that you might want to try! 🙂 Just look at the link above! 🙂 Incase anyone wants to know, I am a couple months from turning 13 years old and I would love it if you checked out my blog! 🙂



  • 15 is NOT too late to dance. 🙂 You should DEFINITELY try it! Check out my website and go to the post Benefits of Ballet. There are many benefits in taking ballet and its also REALLY fun! 🙂 I recommend it!! I started when I was 6 and I have LOVED it ever since!!

    Try doing some exercises to improve your ankles. I have some that are on my website that you might want to try! 🙂 Just look at the link above! 🙂 Incase anyone wants to know, I am a couple months from turning 13 years old and I would love it if you checked out my blog! 🙂

    Thanks! Good luck! 😉


  • kat

    I have read a few posts, is 25 too old to learn ballet? Physically?

  • Imani

    I’m 15 about to be 16 in September. I danced when I was in 2nd grade but money was short so I had to stop. Its always been a passion and I’m trying to convince my mother to let me start taking lessons. She says that it will be a waste of money because I’m too old. She also believes I have no passion even though i’m dancing around the house, practicing my piles, and learning about ballet history. Can you please help me convince my mother, what should I tell her…

    Thank you 🙂

  • steph

    I am 33 a mother of 3 and slighty over weight is it to late to begin ballet. I have never had any type of dance experience.