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How To Dance Ballet

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What are the five positions of ballet?

Could you please try and explain the five positions of ballet to me? Are there any basics that I should know before I enter my ballet class?



  • Jade

    I would suggest looking up feet positions up on line. Also look up ballet terms and memorize the terms with the positions and steps.

  • Olivia Grondy

    First position: heels together, toes pointed out sideways forming a wide V
    Second position: feet spread about the length of one foot apart to the sides, same turnout as first
    Third position: same turnout as first position, one heel places in the arch of the other.
    Fourth position: from third,bring front leg directly forward a little less than a foot
    Fifth position: from third, bring heel of front foot to toe of the other foot

  • Gillian

    Hope that this helps.

  • Gillian