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How To Dance Ballet

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What do you mean about 180 degrees turnouts?

I was confused by what you meant about 180 degrees turnouts. On many tutorial videos there are young girls doing perfect turnouts but there is nothing to suggest they have done it wrong and their teachers say they are doing it right? Should they be able to do it naturally or do you think they are forcing their knees? Also, in one video it said third  position was unnecessary. is this true or was the demonstrator incorrect?
  • Ballet Sch

    Some people just have natural turnout, others don’t. Try not to force you hips round- it could really damage them just keep you turnout loose and gently turnout more every time you dance- it’s easy

  • Ally

    Depends in how much you turn out. I can do a 180 degree turn out in the snap of a fingers! But it hurts. What it looks like is your feet are completely pointing to the sides! I’m an experienced dance thought by teachers from NYC ballet! So you got a good answer :)! Im 12-14

  • Hi there I am a dance teacher from Italy and can help you with some good answers! I have written a good report about this, which you can ranslate with Google translate. Just check it out here and then please let me know more about you. Good luck!

  • Bella

    Don’t worry about the 180 degree turnout. Just try to turn out as much as possible. If you must know however it is when your feet are completly pointing to the sides

  • Nrnhynyrbr


  • Dancecamper0809

    I’ve been dancing for 11 years and honestly I haven’t even heard my dance teacher say 3rd position in about 7 years

  • Livelovedance

    Remember when you turn out, don’t turn out just your foot or your knee. You should feel the turnout all the way from your thigh and even hip. Also, don’t force your turn out or you night injure yourself. Just keep practicing and gradually you might see improvements.

  • Livelovedance

    Also, third position IS used, but very rarely. Last time I used it was a few years ago in potasha.