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How To Dance Ballet

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What is the ideal weight for ballerinas?

I’m 5 foot 4 inches tall and I’m concerned that I’ve gained weight. Is there an ideal weight for ballerinas like me?


  • Anastasia

    I am 5’3 to 5’4 and I am 95 pounds. Everyone says that I look skinny, but a healthy skinny. I think 105 would be a decent weight. But don’t forget, muscle weighs more than fat! Don’t worry too much about this, and please do not become anorexic!! If you want to lose weight, talk to a nutritionist or a teacher, or even find some research online on how to create a diet that won’t be harmful towards your dancing. Eat more fruits and veggies, and less unhealthy snacks. And it helps a ton to only drink water instead of juice and soda, it cuts out many useless calories that should be savored in food items. Good luck! I’m sure you are a beautiful dancer!

  • abigail

    I hope you get to the weight that you are comfortable with and yes 105 is a good weight for your height

  • Zoe

    I do think that you should ask your dance instructor what would be an ideal weight for your height and bone structure. remember to remain healthy because unhealthy body size and weight is very bad for dancers especially on pointe shoes.
    i wish you best of luck ♥

  • Hannah

    Hi I am 15 and am 5’5″ and 80 pounds, and have a balanchine body. At 5’4 you should be around 95 or less.