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How To Dance Ballet

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When should my daughter start taking ballet?

My 5-year old daughter is showing interest in ballet, but my husband and I are not sure when is the best time for her to start getting ballet lessons. When should my daughter start taking ballet?

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  • Now is a great time to start. Look for a school that has a kinder dance or preparatory level class with teachers who have certificates in dance. At her age she is a lot more flexible so it is easy for her when she gets older. Good luck with everything and I hope she enjoys her classes.

  • Sian

    Now! Ballet is a very disciplined form of art. So it’s good to start early. I was a professional ballerina and began at two. Madison makes a good point as well, about the flexibility. Look for a teacher who is both strict (needed!) and kind. There is a great deal of constructive criticism and it’s important to understand that it is constructive, rather than critical. The instructor should have a life long experience in classical ballet. Hope this helps! Sian

  • Xenia

    I started taking Ballet lessins when I was 4!
    It was the best thing I could do!
    When your daughter really wants it, you could seatch for a real Profi-school!
    Hope i could help;)

  • Ellie Atkinson

    Hey, I started when I was 2 years old and I am still doing it after 12 years so yeah the sooner the better

  • Now is the perfect time to find an age appropriate class in your area. Many studios offer combo classes at this age, to introduce students to the world of dance, and ballet is almost always an element of these classes. The foundation laid at a young age will insure future success!

  • Jay

    Now!! 5- years old is a perfect age that way when she or he is 13 that she will be more flexible and be able to maybe be a professional