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How To Dance Ballet

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Which grade do you go on én pointé?


  • Lauren

    You must go be en pointe before you turn 16 . If you are older then 16 & never have done pointe it will not work . So anytime in middle school or highschool before your 16 & your toes are fully grown enough . Talk to your doctor about your toes being strong enough .

  • Grace

    You should probably be on pointe by 10 years old don’t look at the grade, but your age is what really matters. Before going on pointe go through pre-pointe for a year thats what I did and really helps because it gets your feet ready to be on pointe. Also make sure you do feet stretches with your thera band those really help I have 3 myself. Also you should probably talk to your ballet teacher when you should go on pre pointe. I have been taking ballet for 10 years now and this is my 3rd year on pointe. Hope this helps! 🙂

  • Grace

    Also when on pointe never take off your dead skin/ calasis when you go get your toe nails painted make sure you let who evers does your feet not to rub the dead skin off! This is VERY IMPORTANT! It is important because your calasis help protect your feet when you have your pointe shoes on your feet. Its kind of like wearing socks on your feet when your wearing tennis shoes. Hope this helps also! 😀

  • Saara

    I got on when i was 12 ( this year) at grade 5 ballet

  • Tina

    I am 13 and I got my pointe shoes when I was 10 in grade 5. I am now in Advance foundation

  • Abbie

    i went on pointe when i was 10 and in grade 5. i then stopped when i was 12 and started again at 18- 2 years ago and am back on pointe now.

  • Savannah

    You shouldn’t go on pointe til age 12 because you r growth plates in your feet aren’t done growing til then and of put on pointe too early it will ruin your feet

  • Mary

    You must be strong enough! Age doesnt matter I went on a fifteen and within a few months because i was stronger than those who went on at 10 so i caught up straight away

  • Harmony

    Nothing matters apart from the strength in your feet, and your own confidence.

  • Miss Kim

    Doctorsn say to wait until you are. 12, before going on pointe. I require my students to take a year of PrePointe at 10, & allow them to get sons at 11 because I limit their time on pointe to only a few exercises at the barre. The 11 year olds rarely perform in pointe shoes. Sometimes the 12 yr. olds are not allowed to perform on pointe. I agree with Mary, the older you are, before 16, the stronger you are. I start my students when I do, so that they understand the exercises before they have to deal with wearing the shoes.

  • Madison

    I started this year. I am 11 and in the 6th grade so about in middle school is when you should start. If you look it up all websites will say 11or 12

  • Bella

    You start pointe work when you’re Grade 5 ballet

  • Kaybo

    You should never go en pointe before you are twelve years of ageist can wreck your feat pretty bad because you are still growing when u was twelve I was grade five so that’s probably the grade you are looking at. But everyone’s feet are different so your teacher may decide you should go en pointe later to give your feet and ankles time to properly strengthen… I hope this helped 🙂

  • J

    You usually start pointe when you are in Grade 5 ballet. That is around 12 years old.

  • I started on points when I was 7 years old.

  • In Grade 2

  • Usually in grade five when your about 13 or 12, The teacher will test you to see if your ready. it rare that you Weill start at 12 cause you are just starting to grow.

  • It depends on what type of ballet you do, weather it is RAD ballet like I do, or other ones like ISTD ballet, I think in most types of ballet it is grade 5, however I am in grade 6 RAD but I’m not on point, so really it depends on the place you go to.

  • Dill

    My friend and I started around fifth grade age 10-11 so anywhere around that age is good

  • Ballet

    Well it depends on if your 5th metatarsal is ready about 12 years old. There’s no grade.

  • It is usually around grade 5 ballet, depending on what type of syllabus you follow. My studio does RAD so in my case I went on pointe after completing grade 6 ballet

  • Ebirdieonpointe

    I’m in a rad school I went up on pointe in grade 4 but I think that’s quite unusual most people I know in other rad schools went up in grade 5.

  • blond_highlights

    If you are in an RAD school, most schools go en pointe in grade 5, which is 6th grade in school and ages 11-12. However, if you are slightly younger or older than that, it is fine to go en pointe.