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How To Dance Ballet

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A perfectly choreographed ballet by three

It is a ballet dance performed by Victoria North, Amy Barker and Holly Fusco at New York City Center. This ballet was choreographed by Sarius Barnes and Zalman Raffael. This video is viewed by almost 207,600 people so far. It is most popular in U.S.A. The video is most popular with Females of age group 13-17, 18-24, and 45-54. The video has obtained most of its views the first referral from related video prior to  December 08, 2007 that is more than 17,000 views. The data since from the beginning shows that the views were increased gradually so the popularity and referrals from related videos has played the lead role in this also YouTube has a good contribution of more than 14,600 views.

The rating for the video is over 280 and the average rating is 4.83. The rating is high may be because the step performed by the ballet artist were two good and all the three of the artists were just floating on the dance floor. The most of the comments are positive and favorable and as the post is very old so only getting more than 5 comments in a month now. The comment I like most is from whatproductions527 which says “@bremandancer Hi me and us well two of us are actullay trying to complete till we get our toe shoes we are streching and achiveing all it takes is practica and here is the answer to your question they are wearing toe shoes there is a square at the toe helping them get to the tip of their toe but it’s not just the shoes its there ankles and leg mucles.”

Any person interested in dance of any age group will love it especially girls. Well professionals can watch this and learn if they feel there is something new in this and students can practice these by watching this video and those who loves dance can also view it for pleasure.

  • Chloe

    This is so beautiful!! Great Choreography!

  • Jenni

    Does anyone know what this piece of music this is? I love it!