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How To Dance Ballet

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Awesome Nutcracker ballet performance

It is a beautiful ballet performance by a group of dancers. The group performance is always hard but this one was choreographed and performed by dancers in such an amazing way that it is really hard to believe. May be that is the reason that this video has got more than 1,113,300 views so far. It is most popular in U.S.A. The video is most popular with females of age group 13-17 and 45-54 and males with the age group of 45-54. The data shows it was popular since November 2007 and the popularity has increased gradually and this video has obtained most of the views by YouTube search which is more than 132,500 which is more than 11 percent of total views.

The number of rating video has is more than 1,170 and the average rating is 4.87 which is very high because such a beautiful group performance was captured very beautifully and people will love to watch it again and again. Most of the comments are favorable, though the post is old but still more than 40 people are commenting every month. The comment I like most is from lolpuffy5 which says “The first time I went to see a show/ballet was when I was in the 2nd grade and we went to see The Nutcracker. This scene was like amazing to me. and when they had fake snowflakes fall on the audience everyone next to me (and myself) just totally blessed out. I still think this scene is like magic…”. Well people with artistic taste of any gender or age group will watch this video especially girls. Ballet professionals and students too will watch this video as they can learn many new things.

  • Sydney

    Why are your posts written in such an annoying style? Why don’t you tell us something other than statistics about the video? Obviously the ratings are good, and they are popular, or people who like dance will like them…why else would you have posted them? Why don’t you give some actual tips and advice instead of telling me something I can read myself on the video info?

    Just a suggestion.

  • Seneka Abeyratne

    Why post a video clip if we can’t watch it? All we see is a message saying “This video is private.” Weird!

  • Emily

    “This Video is private” Doesn’t help much and what exactly are we supposed to be learning from it?