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How To Dance Ballet

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Ballet Prodigy

The video is an interview with a very young and ambitious ballerina who is only ten years of age who has been doing ballet for 5 years, started pointe 3 months before and has already begun doing fouettes. The dancer is Austin Eder who was awarded an iGenius scholarship.

The video has 4,02,000 views and is most popular is Central America. It is most popular among young to middle aged females. A majority of views were obtained from youtube followed by related videos. Traffic has increased gradually. The video has no honors yet. Comments about the video are awe-filled and wonder-struck that a child could have achieved such a professional level of dancing. Commenters generally expect her to go far in the field of ballet.

The video would be enjoyed by young and old people alike, generally dancers and those with an innate love for fine and performing arts.

  • joycie

    love to see more videos of austin. I’ve got 2 kids and for sure they will be inspired to dance like her. thank you and God bless.