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How To Dance Ballet

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Photo session experience of Kathryn Morgan

This video is about the behind the scenes at a photo shoot of a ballet artist Kathryn Morgan. This video also includes her testimonial and we can see beautiful dance poses from Kathryn Morgan. The video has got more than 136,900 views so far. It is most popular in U.S.A. The video is most popular with females of age group 13-17, 45-54 and 18-24. The data shows it was popular since November 2007 and the popularity has increased gradually and this video has obtained most of the views by related videos which are more than 21,800 views and YouTube search has its own contribution of more than 2,700 views.  Though it was popular since December 2007 and the popularity increased gradually and it got most the maximum number of views on March 15, 2008.

The number of rating video has is more than 180 and the average rating is 4.80 which is because as it is behind the scene experience of a beautiful ballet artist Kathryn Morgan . Most of the comments are favorable. The post is quite old so the last comment received was one year back and there are no new comments after that. The comment I like most is from xsmileitscaitex which says “omg! i hate her so much she’s like perfect!!!!!!”. Well people who are willing to go for a photo session will watch this video to learn from the experiences of Kathryn Morgan.

  • gemma

    wow i did somthing like that once but shes like perfect