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How To Dance Ballet

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Sumo Wrestler Ballerina Dancing

A girl at a ballet studio is dressed up like a sumo-wrestler in a ballet outfit. Her friends laugh as she does some ballet moves in the giant suit.
It was filmed in a rather large ballet studio with large windows but little natural light.
It has about 58,500 views.
The video is definitely most popular in the U.S. but also has made some appearances in Australia, South America, and Canada.
Females of all ages have enjoyed this video.
The interest in this video was rather gradual, but has increased greatly in the last 2 years or so.

A 4.2 star average rating was given by the 119 people rating.
It may have this high rating because it is pretty funny and not all that typical to see of a character on stage.
Almost all of the comments were very praiseworthy. Many people laughed quite a bit, others said that she was still good even though she was in the costume. There were also many thumbs up and no thumbs down.
A great comment was from ‘xChocolateKittyx’ who said, “HAHH it’s hilarious she sure is a great ‘fat’ ballerina! okay lemme rephrase. even if she’s in a costume…. she’s still a good dancer!”
I feel like younger females who are also ballerinas would enjoy this movie a lot. Also anyone who really likes to see people acting goofy in costumes and what not. It is a good combination of the two.

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