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How To Dance Ballet

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Swan Lake Act 2 – Moscow Classical Ballet

A musical performance by the Moscow Classical Ballet. The performance is of the second act of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, where Prince Siegfried meets Odette. Marina Rzhannikova plays Odette and Nikolay Chevychelov is the Prince.

This video has over 430,000 views. It is most popular in the United States. This video’s top viewer age group is 13-17 year old females. The majority of the views  originated from related videos, and Youtube searches make up a smaller percent of the views. There are 605 ratings, with an average of 5 stars. This rating is likely so high because the audio and video quality are high and the performance was good.

Text comments are made on this video every few days to every few weeks. The comments are generally favorable, with people sharing their knowledge about ballet dancing and commenting on the performance. As an example of a comment left by user AlienAbandoned: “From what I’ve seen of this production on youtube, it looks like the most breathtaking staging of Swan Lake yet. The dancers are all excellent and there’s so much drama throughout. The musical interpretation is excellent.

I wish they’d come to the U.S.” The type of person who may enjoy this video includes anyone with an interest in ballet and also fans of Tchaikovsky’s music. Any age group could fall into these categories. From this video an increased appreciation of music and ballet can be gained by the viewer.

  • Marysia

    Ha! That’s so my comment. XD What gives? Could it be the most popular ballet vid because I click on it several times a day? Really?

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