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How To Dance Ballet

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The Beautiful Ballet Scheherazade part 1 of 2

The video Ballet Scheherazade part 1 is part one of two videos of the Ballet Scheherazade. The Marlinksly principal dancers, Igor Kolb and Jiyeon Ryu, are both shown in this video and are the only dancers in this part of the show. This ballet looks to be filmed on some form of a stage, as in a real performance, but the actual name of the theater though is not mentioned. Gaining a little over 180,000 views, most of which are from the United States and Japan.

This video seems to be more popular with a wider age range of males than females. Male ages 45-64 have watched this video while the female age range is 45-54. Most of the views that this video has received have been from the following search terms (in order of popularity): ballet, Rimsky-Korsakov. Scheherazade, Rimsky-Korsakov – Scheherazade (1/5), Scheherazade.

All of these terms are from searches completed on youtube. This video has gradually became popular since its first posting on February 18, 2007. Its popularity was not sudden, and its popularity curve is steady and gradual. This video, along with its 180,000 views also has around 290 ratings. Its average rating is 5 stars. I think that this rating is high because the video is beautiful. The dancing is exquisite and the cinematography allows the viewer to watch the video as if they are in the front row of the theater. Most of the comments on this video are very positive. Everyone seemed to love the dancing and most commented about the music in the video and how wonderful it fit the dancing. Very few comments are negative. People tend to comment on average about once per week.

One of my favorite comments on this video was probably by ivonne10100 and it said “magnificent music!!! i think it depicts beautifully the arabian world..and igor kolb is just fantastic”. I thought that this comment was beautiful and it showed just how inspirational this video truly was to some people. I think that someone who is very into dancing and especially into ballet would very much enjoy this video. I think that anyone that is in the age group of 20-40 would probably find this video enjoyable if they also had a background in dance. They could easily gain more knowledge on the dancing world and more knowledge on music that is used in the dancing world.

  • John Smith

    I would like to get the DVD of Igor Kolb and Jiyeon Ryu dancing Scheherazade. Up to now I couldn’t find any information about it. Does anybody have any information regarding this?
    Thank you