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How To Dance Ballet

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The Silent Talisman

This video is one dancer’s interpretation of “The Talisman”. This ballerina is performing for a crowd at a decently big ballet. The ballerina is a young Caucasian and demonstrates this dance beautifully. The music cannot be heard in this video, so it does not seem as moving to the viewers, but the girl still dances very beautifully. Most comments are fairly positive, but there will always be people out there who will criticize quickly. There is about one comment a month on this video. This video started becoming popular around the end of 2007 when it was referred as being related to Romeo and Juliet. Once it was referred by, its ratings started to soar. That was on July 28, 2008. This video has had only about 62,900 views even though it has been online since 2006. I would blame this on the lack of music accompanying this piece. For what is ballet without the music to move the dancers? 276 people call this video a favorite, even though only 42 have commented. It has a rating of 86 with an average rating of 4.64.

This video is mostly viewed by teenage girls from the age of 13 through 17. Most views are from the United States, Brazil, and some other small, island countries. I enjoyed this video, I thought the ballerina was beautiful and did an astounding job and the comments prove that this is true, even without an audible musical accompaniment.