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How To Dance Ballet

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Watch Russian boys ballet dance class

It is about ballet dance class. This video features few students practicing the ballet. This video has more than 6,900 views. This video is more popular in U.S.A and Russia. This video is more popular with the male of age group 45-64 and with the females of age group 45-54. The most of the views obtained by this video is by related video search. As per the data this video became popular after November 2007 by means of related video search and this became popular gradually.

The number of rating the video has is 5 and the average rating is 5 which is very high and may be the reason being it was rated by the people who knows ballet else it is a short video and the students were doing normal steps but yes they did it beautifully or may be because the number of rating is less.

All of the three comments are favorable. The comment I like most is of by SURFER which says “Gotta love this. Training is what ballet is all about. The true spirit of ballet is in the classroom, not on the stage. There was a time when a man up there defying gravity and other physical possibilities was considered wrong, evil. A destruction of one’s manhood. As a male in ballet meself, it’s always a challenge. I kept it as secret as goverment documents. What these men do is nothing short of incredible. –Following in your dancing footsteps, Dane Youssef”.

Students of age group 5-18 who are learning ballet will enjoy this video as they can practice it by watching this video.

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