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How To Dance Ballet

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Watch this flawless ballet performance

It is a beautiful and flawless performance by the ballet artist. This is a very short video but covers the performance by the artist beautifully. It is just amazing to watch her performing on the stage. The video has got more than 1,750,100 views so far. It is most popular in U.S.A and Italy.

The video is most popular with females of age group 13-24 and 45-54. The data shows it was popular since November 2007 and the popularity has increased gradually and this video has obtained most of the views by referrals from related videos. It was popular since November 2007 and the popularity increased gradually.

The number of rating video has is more than 2,200 and the average rating is 4.88 which is high because the performance of the ballet dancer was good and flawless. Most of the comments are favorable and the post is still receiving more than 20 comments a month.

The comment I like most is from choresrule which says “wow! just truly amazing!!!! great spotting and outstanding balance!! ”. Well people who love watching ballet performance will watch this video especially girls of age group 7 to 45. This is a good video for those who are in this profession or for ballet students to learn something new.

  • mik

    holy crap dude she’s good her head must hurt from spotting

  • Chloe

    Holy Cow!!! she’s freaking amazing!!

  • Wow! That’s wonderful, how ll love to do that.