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Hi, I have just started ballet at the ripe old age of 27. I used to do it when I was about five, but decided to quit when they wanted to put me up a level because I was too scared to go on stage. I have always regretted it though, so I am really […]

The Hardest Pointe Shoe

My arch is very high and I break in most Hard pointe shoes within four classes. My latest shoe, Prima Soft Gala, lasted eight classes, but I cannot afford to replace my pointe shoes this frequently. Any suggestions on which shoes I should try out?


That’s me in the middle doing my Zoolander face I’m 17 and have been ballet-ing for 3 months. I belly dance, too, but have been doing that longer. It’s nice to talk to other late-starters like me and the already experienced. I love ballet! It is a natural talent for me and I will keep […]

really need a solution

hey, first of all thanks alot to everyone who replied .. i had just recently posted a question. ” hey .. ok .. im 21 .. from india .. i have been learning jazz for 5 yrs now and im currently learning ballet .. I always wanted to become a professional dancer .. so now […]

desperate to dance on pointe

Hi im Geane and I am desperate to know when I can start my pointe work. I’m twelve years old. I go to chilton ballet. I do grade 5 and I have two classes a week both classes an hour. I would quite like to become a pro dancer one day pleeeeaaaaaaaase help me thankz […]


1. I’m confused on how you leave a comment to someone’s question. what does it mean when it says website? 2. What does it mean to be a “site member?” how do you become one?


Avie’ is 13 years old,and has been studying dance for 6 years. She dances with a company under the initials of ABT,she rather not state the full name to protect herself. She currently studies Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre, Modern, and Lyrical. She was recently Student of The Week in her local newspaper. Other […]