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Ballet Lesson 7 of 7: Tying Pointe Shoes

Tying pointe shoes incorrectly is as dangerous for the health of the dancer’s body, as progressing to using pointe shoes without having sufficient training, and being capable enough to dance en pointe. The decision to move to pointe shoes should only be made by a qualified dance teacher who knows the students body and limitations […]

Ballet Lesson 6 of 7: Battement Tendus

This photograph illustrates the incorrect execution of a Battements Tendus. A Battement Tendus is both the commencing position and the concluding position of a grand battement and is often used as an exercise to force the insteps outward. The foot which is working (that which is not stationary on the floor) moves from in this […]

Ballet Lesson 5 of 7: Plie en Cinquième

This photograph gives an example of a position plie en Cinquième. This position is basically fifth position with the bending of the knees, down into a plie. Like before where the dancer has made mistakes with the positioning of the body in fifth position these follow into plie en Cinquième. This highlights the importance of […]

Ballet Lesson 4 of 7: Fifth Position

This picture shows the feet in fifth position. Fifth position is the most common of the five basic foot positions and involves the toes of the front foot being equal with and touching the heel of the back foot and vice versa. When in fifth position the dancer’s arms may be positioned above the head […]

Plie Problem

I’ve been doing ballet for 6 years now (I’m about to turn 16) and all my dancing life I’ve had the same problem. When I plie, even if it’s just a demi in first, and especially if it’s a grande in fourth, my knees hurt when I come up. This can’t be good. I’ve tried […]

Changing Dancing Styles

I’ve been doing ballet for about 13 years. I’ve just started doing a dance which is much more modern and I have to stand with my feet in parallel. As I’ve been doing ballet for so long im really finding it hard + i really don’t want to lose my turn out! Is there ways […]

Ballet Lesson 3 of 7: Plie en Premiere

The position in this photograph is a deviation of first position and is again a basic movement. For this movement to be executed properly, the free arm (that which is not resting on the barre for support) should be held gracefully in front of the body. The elbow must be lifted, and not allowed to […]

Can’t find the Hamstring muscle

When I’m doing a develope to the front or side, I can get fairly high. However, my teacher tells us to “lift from under the thigh, not from the quad”, and I know I’m lifting from my quad because that’s what’s sore after class. I’ve tried for a year now to figure out how to […]

Ballet Lesson 2 of 7: First Position

First position is shown in this picture. First position is instrumental as it is this position with which many ballet movements both commence and conclude, in addition to being the first position taught to a young ballerina. This position involves both the knees and the heels being kept close together, the legs are turned out […]

Ballet Lesson 1 of 7: Holding Your Arms in 5th Position

The diagram at the left shows the Fifth position or Cinquième of the arms en haut. Fifth position is important when learning ballet as it provides a basis for many other arm movements. This involves lifting the arms above the head and having them form a soft oval shape in the air referred to as […]