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Ballet Lessons

In the following days I will be posting a series of ballet lessons for you to learn from. These will cover different elements of ballet and should be quite helpful to you. Feel free to post comments and let me know what you think of them. I would like to say a big thankyou to […]

Going Pro

Hello, I’m fifteen, and i re-started ballet about 8 months ago. I know you’ve never seen me dance, so that could make answering this a little tricky, but my teacher says that i catch on very quickly and am very talented. Soon, i will be bumping up the amount of classes i take and when […]

Figuring out dance steps

I like to watch ballet videos on the internet and would like to learn some that I’ve seen and especially loved. however, sometimes i can’t tell what a step is, or i don’t know the name. ( i’m beginner/intermediate level) does anyone know of a website or anything that might help me in breaking down […]

Rolling in my feet

My teacher always say that I roll in my feet. She said that if I don’t correct it soon, then I won’t be able to progress to higher levels. Any tips for how I can correct it?

Ballet Photos

Check out some Olivier’s photos in our gallery. Here’s the link http://www.balletinfo.com/photos/dansephoto You can also check out his site here. Dansephoto