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i want it so bad

Im 14 and have just started ballet . My teacher put me into grade 4 an i really enjoy it but i dnt feel asthough I am as good as the others in my class.I’m desperate to be en pointe and my ankles are very strong as I have been dancing since I was eight […]

too old to start ballet??

Im 15 and I really love to dance I have done loads of stlyes but have always kept away from ballet I’m not sure why , I just have. Now Im doing contempory I really love it and want to take this further after school. I know the next sensible thing is to start ballet […]

Modeling Help

Ok, I’m dying simply dying to do Modeling like in Pointe Magazine any kind of Modeling that is, I would want it to be ballet of course. I’m on pointe and have a really high arch and I have a really good ballet body, I don’t mean sound like I am braging. I have searched […]

Starting ballet again… where should I start?

I have always been in awe of ballet and danced everywhere I went when I was 6 I began lessons at two schools one was a school that was more for doing different things when one was through my school and affiliated with the *””******* school of Ballet and it was just training to do […]

Dance therapy

Me again. Are there people here who’re familiar (or actually practicing) dance therapy? Do you know where I can find information about it? I’m asking, because I’m a psychologist myself (interested in all kinds of experience-based methods, like equine therapy) and was amazed at the effect starting ballet classes had on my life, after only […]

Is the teacher always right?

Hi everyone. As some of you know already, I’m 28 and just started dancing past September (after a pause of 20 years, so starting from below zero again). As I wrote in another post, we progress more or less like a schooling system at my studio, so after this year, I should go to “adult […]

Ballet Schools

I am 13 and i am trying to decide if I should go to a boarding school where I can get better training in Ballet but I can’t seem to find any websites that well just give me a whole bunch of schools. does any one know where of a website like that? PLEASE HELP […]