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Beginning ballet students look forward to the day when they will advance to ballet pointe shoes. Ballet pointe shoes have an odd shape, but they allow ballet dancers to dance on the very tips of their toes. More advanced ballet dancing requires ballet pointe shoes.

Ballet pointe shoes should not be purchased at a discount store where you wait on yourself, or through the mail. After you have purchased your first pair, and you know exactly what you need, then you may consider ordering ballet pointe shoes through the mail or over the Internet – but that first pair should be fitted by an expert. Visit a shop that sells ballet pointe shoes, or ask your instructor for advice.

Arrive for your fitting prepared. What will you wear with your ballet pointe shoes? If stockings will be worn, make sure that you wear stockings for the fitting. It is very important that you try the shoes on in a way that will be identical to how the shoes will be worn. If padding at the point of the shoes will be used, make sure that you bring that padding with you to the fitting as well.

Purchase lightweight ballet pointe shoes. Lighter shoes make getting up on the tips of your toes easier. Price matters a great deal. Depending on how much ballet dancing you do, the type of surface you are dancing on, and the quality of the shoe, your ballet pointe shoes will need to be replaced often. However, do not sacrifice quality for price, and don’t pay too much for shoes that will need to be replaced often.

When you find ballet pointe shoes that work well for you, buy several pairs of the same shoe at one time. In fact, buy as many pairs as you can afford, and save them for later use. You will want to continue to use the same type of pointe shoes when you find the one that works best for you – having those extra pairs will definitely come in handy!



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