We Had A Great Time at The Sydney Groove Dance Expo


We’re back home now from the groove dance expo and we had a blast. It was great meeting all the other exhibitors and the multitudes of dancers, dance teachers and store owners that attented the event. We had lots of enquires from dance store owners who are interested in retailing the ballet bible in their stores and we also hooked up with Sandi and Sallyanne from Bloch who want to retail it in their 20+ stores across australia, so that is really exciting. If you live in australia you could be seeing the ballet bible in your local dance store very soon.

We met a few people that we have done promotions with over the last couple of years but have never actually met face to face so it was great to finally shake hands with Grant Davies from RGDANCE and Sean from Dancetrain magazine. There was also heaps of cool people there exhibiting that are doing really exciting things in the dance world.

We met:

Debra from Dance Informa Magazine – she has started an online magazine for dancers that lists competitions, auditions, and all the latest dance news. You can sign up for a free subscription on the site and get the magazine delivered to you through email.

Clint from dancelife.com.au – Clint has started a site for dancers that includes a forum, blog, classifieds, directory, and heaps of other stuff.

Sam and Fiona from dancestore.com.au – These guys are actually only a couple of suburbs away from us in brisbane so that was really weird, but cool. They retail dance shoes and dance wear online. They are really nice people, Sam drove down to the expo in a van with all their gear and he offered to drive our stuff back up to brisbane to save us the huge excess baggage fees the airline charges so that was really good.

Christine from tapatakoz – Christine has just put together her own syllabus for tap and she has manuals, cd’s, and dvd’s. She’s got 12 levels included in the syllabus and it looks really good. She just got it together in time for the expo and she did really well.

Gaynor Minden – I can’t remember the lady’s name (shame on me). She heads up the australian distributorship for gaynor minden. They had a booth just diagonal from us and we chatted quite a few times. She fitted me for some new pointe shoes and I ended up buying them. Their awesome pointe shoes.

StageGear – These guys have some of the best costumes around for dancers. They were the main sponsors of the event and had massive posters and banners on the main stage.

Sandi and Sallyanne from Bloch – The Bloch stand was the biggest and brightest stand at the expo. It was right in the middle and twice as big as everybody else. They had a whole team of people selling their latest pointe shoes, jazz shoes, and dancewear.

Here’s a picture of our booth at the expo:

We met quite a few people who told us they had ordered the product online and loved it, so that was really great to hear people’s stories. Almost everyone thought it was an american product and thought it was funny that they ordered a product in US dollars made by australians.

We also ran into Jennie and Tamara from JenSue Dancers Studio in Melbourne. As you may already know we have Tamara’s testimonial and picture plastered all over our site. I said to Jennie that it would be great to do a quick video with Tamara but I didn’t bring my video camera. Jennie then said “Well, I have mine” so we did a quick video on the spot which was awesome. As soon as Jennie sends it to me I’ll post it up on the site.

So we have finally moved our product into the physical arena. Exciting things are to come. In fact, I recently found a site that lets me upload a cd to their servers and they ship it out anywhere in the world as a full packaged product. It is a US based site and the prices are in US dollars so sorry once again to my fellow australians but I checked and the postage cost to australia is only $7.50 anyway so it’s really no big deal. With the australian dollar being as it is at the moment, the money is about the same as well.

Here is the link to get The Complete Ballet Bible Package shipped to you on cd. It includes the four packages listed at ballet-bible.com including The 3 Simple Rules of a Prima Ballerina book, the Audio Terms and Definitions Software, the Video Demonstrations Software, and the 1-on-1 Lessons videos.

Click the picture below to get The Complete Ballet Bible Package shipped to you on cd for only $47 dollars.

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